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Why? Why? Why?


Yummy Mummy! xx
Been SO good this week then I go and binge - 2 bowls of cereal and a marsbar icecream - why? Wasnt hungry, didnt want them!

Feel awful now. Do you think I can pull it back by mondays weigh in? Feel like I shouldnt eat anything else today to cancel it out! :break_diet:
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The best thing to do is to continue on as normal and have your proper meals as planned to help balance out your blood sugars and to stop you feeling deprived which can set up a cycle of cravings which then can lead to binge eating.

The extra calories this morning will hardly make much of a difference to your weigh in...it takes 3,500 calories in excess of what you are normally eating to gain a pound in weight.


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Eat as normal - my C said this is the way to stop your body thinking you are going to 'starve' it.

I lost half a pound last week cos i had a bad weekend, then had no syns to try to recoup the damage. my C said my loss would have been more if i had had my daily syns as normal....!

So, simply - start fresh and eat your HEA and B's and your syns and free food! :D xx


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Come on it's a blip! Eat normally! I notice it's 4 weeks since you had a gain. Is this hormonal? You're doing so well. In a lifetime what's a week more to target? Hugs xx
My gosh babe! if thats what you call a binge, i honestly dont know what i'd label what i'd call a 'binge' i eat 6 times that amount on a binge, and i know how awful i feel after it.

((hugs)) its difficult, but i suggest you carry on as normal.. feeling starving later to 'cancel' it out isnt the way forward, itl just lead to more bad food. Get yourself some nice hearty sw meals sorted and jump back on the wagon, youl be okay.x


Yummy Mummy! xx
Thanks guys for all your lovely support and advice!

Well, I had my dinner last nite as normal and am putting yesterday behind me!

Thank you! xx

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