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Why wont the tape measure read like the scales?

Well the thing is you lose weight all over when you do a VLCD, but you only get measured in three or four places and it could just be that you're losing inches elsewhere. A lot of my clients comment that they've lost inches between the hips and stomach and lower thigh, calves, none of which are points I measure, not to forget faces & necks. The tape measure will show sooner or later, the most important thing is how you feel, are your clothes looser, can you see any differences in yourself and if you're 30lbs down, then you're 30lbs down - even if it's not showing on the tape measure yet.

Don't lose heart, you're losing weight and you are getting smaller.
i totally agree with wat madamdotty says... i think all my inches are comin off my bum (hopefully it wont totally disapear id look a bit funny then) my hips have only got about a 1 inch loss..iv lost more off my arms than the areas where i reali need to loose it .. like my big jiggly belly...but hey if we stick at it itl happen eventually thats wat i tell myself!!:D


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I have to say... i had a problem with my waist not shrinking at all for ages and to be honest I let it get to me too much I gave in. Now I'm really strugling to get back onto my diet all because of one silly number on a tape measure.

Dont let it get you down, if the tape measure keeps saying the same thing then dont measure yourself.

I'm sure it'll move soon
When I started a week ago, my CDC told me to measure every bit of my body. So I did just that, and I am so glad I did because when I had my first weigh in, I couldn't believe that I had lost a whopping 19lbs. :eek: But when I measured my self all over again I found I had lost up to 1.5 inches on my body, my lowest measurement other than 0 was 0.5 which is all that came off of my chest, which surprised me!

So why don't you try measuring yourself all over, from your neck down to your ankles! Then I think you will find it much more motivating to see precisely where it is coming off!

Be patient, it will show eventually! :D :D :D


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Hi there,
My LL counsellor explained to me that when the body goes into ketosis it has to use the inner fat first before you actually see it on the outside. Your body will use the nearest resources it can find for energy which will work from the inside out, with the outer layer of fat being used up last. It does appear to be right for me cos when I look at my fat bits now they are really only located in the parts that were fattest in the first place.

Dont know whether its factually correct or not but seems to be true to me....plus I like the thought of my body eating myself from the inside out!! lol



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