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Why you should take your (magnifying) glasses shopping with you...


** Chief WITCH **


** Chief WITCH **
This bothered me particularly:

"Similarly Philadelphia Light Soft Cheese has half the fat of the full ­version. But it also has 30 per cent more sugar."

The Extra lite which is ok in small quantities as a tolerated item in Cruise isn't mentioned... has anyone looked closely at it? I can't get it (alas!)
Made with pasteurised milk.
Added Ingredients:
Stabilisers (locust Bean Gum, Carrageenan), Citric Acid.

Typical ValuesNutrition per serving 30 g GDA%Energy140 / 33 kJ / kcal2000 kcal1.7Protein3.5 g45 g7.8Carbohydrate1.5 g230 g0.7of which Sugars1.5 g90 g1.7Fat1.4 g70 g2.0of which Saturates1.0 g20 g5.0Fibre0.1 g24 g0.4Sodium*0.1 g2.4 g4.2*Equivalent as salt0.3 g6 g5.0

extra light mayo is the one thing that makes me feel sick its so sweet :(


** Chief WITCH **
but if fat and sugar aren't ok in Dukan, how come Extra Lite Philly is?

My guess? They've not read the label specifically - you can't find it in France...


Dukan Ancestor!!
but if fat and sugar aren't ok in Dukan, how come Extra Lite Philly is?

My guess? They've not read the label specifically - you can't find it in France...
:D too right! It goes back to the old 'low fat' and '99% fat free' labels that fool you into thinking something is 'healthy' when in fact it's full of sugar, salt or thickeners, emulsifiers etc. I think for Dukan it should read "if it's in any way processed or ready-made" then stay away or only have the tiniest amount if you have to. Applies to: low fat or low cal or low carb cheese, sausages, mayo, drinks, even yoghurts. Anything not on the list IN THE BOOK is not allowed....

Sorry I'm a spoilsport!


Goat herder(ess)
It's awful that sneaky companies do this! I usually always check their supposedly "healthy" claims because you just can't trust them at all.

Thanks for the reminder, Maintainer, especially since these things are so very important on the Dukan.


Dukan Ancestor!!
Cor how strict are you!!!! :( LOL
:eek: no, just careful :D. Or maybe PARANOID?? Anyway, I do eat extra light cheese, mayo (now in conso, not before) and stuff, but fully aware it's not an unlimited item...
Damn. I've been caught out on this and have only just discovered it this morning, having eaten the damn things right through my Attack and my first week of Cruise.

Activia yoghurts may be "fat free", but they have 7.4g of sugars per 100g. I'm usually so careful to check labels, but was in a rush because I was feeling poorly and some students stole my shopping trolley half-way through my shop. Still, that's no excuse and I'll know better next time.

Which yoghurts is everyone else eating? Any recommendations for me, please?


** Chief WITCH **
Muller lites (vanilla or toffee) and I think some have plain fat free yoghurt... or sugar free jelly... or...?
Maintainer - I've just been checking on the Muller website and they seems to have a similar amount of sugars (although some as part of milk). The Mullers are also bigger than the Activias I've currently been eating - 190g as opposed to 125g, so I feel much better now that I haven't done anything too daft!

It sounds as though pretty much all of these fat free yogs must have sugars in them. I'm kind of shocked.
This is really interesting. Dukan is low fat/ low carb, but with the yoghurts etc still advocates sugar, hence not being a true low carb diet. So possibly people eating a couple of yoghurts a day (what about low fat fromage frais too?) is going to have sugar highs and lows therefore not keeping people in ketosis and causing cravings for sugar!
when i lost more weight was the weeks/days where i didnt eat the yoghurts???


** Chief WITCH **
I remember that in France there was always a huge emphasis on low-fat/diet food products years before it ever became popular over here. Many French women I knew seemed pretty obsessed with staying slim (not the men, though, as most over 35 that I saw seemed to have a pot belly!) It sounds as though you're still way ahead of us in terms of such food.

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