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  1. sammyslim

    sammyslim Member

    Why haven't I lost any weight since last week Friday? Not even a pound. :confused: I can't believe it! It's my 2nd wk, I lost 9lbs in the 1st wk but nothing since. Surely this can't be right. I Haven't cheated, the only thing I can think of is that I haven't been drinking as much water as I normally do, also I've got a really bad cough so I've been taking covonia for it, but surely this can't be the reason, I've checked, and I'm still in Ketosis.

    Knowing I'm losing a couple pounds here n there is the motivation I've needed to continue, I was on a high the 1st week and was up until the beginning of this week, but as the weeks progressed with no weight loss I'm feeling like "Oh what the heck?"

    I know I'm not the only person this has happened to as I've checked through previous posts on the same subject, but I sure do feel like the only one! AAAAAARGH :cry:

    To be honest I'm scared, I'm scared that if I don't see a weight loss soon, I'm gonna slip up!!!
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  3. Dutch

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    Hey, don't give up please, if you are doing this by the book you can't fail to lose, keep the water up, that's really important, sometimes your body tricks you by holding onto water but if you are in ketosis you will be burning fat, you can't live on these amount of cals without losing (unless you only weigh about two stone to start with hee hee)

    Please don't get yourself down, stick it out and you'll soon be at goal xx
  4. sammyslim

    sammyslim Member

    Thanks Dutch, you're right, I've got to do this! I won't gve up
  5. annie_d

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    It is really, REALLY annoying though, isn't it? Still, we may as well do it as not. Plod on!
  6. lighterme

    lighterme Full Member

    Bet next week you lose some. It will be interesting to see. Keep us posted please x
  7. sammyslim

    sammyslim Member

    Thanks lighterme and Annie D, I did really feel like giving up yesterday, but was encouraged by your words. I've lost 1lb today, better than nothing I suppose. I've got my weigh in this evening, 3 days earlier, I know that's gonna be a misreading, because I'm usually just finishing my last litre of water by that time, so I won't go by my CDC's scales, infact I'll just weigh myself properly monday morning, as then that will be 2 wks on CD. Thanks again guys
  8. Bailey

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    I find I really retain water sometimes. Last time I got weighed at my counsellors I hadn't lost anything, yet a couple of days later I weighed myself at home and I'd lost something silly like 6lbs. Definitely water retention in my case. Could it be the same for you?
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