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Whys it so hard?

Just thought Id post up my thoughts this evening as Im struggling... I havent broken diet and Im not going to but Whys Is so damn hard!

Been consumed with feelings of wanting to eat all afternoon, Pizza, chocolate, crisps, just about everything you can imagine... I have been justifying the diet break in every way imaginable in my head, and it all makes perfect sence... Why live a life of struggling and yo-yo ing with weight, and whats the point of even sticking to this diet now when i want to eat Pizza and crap so much (this is how i justify my overeating!)

Im just feeling really hard done by and jealous towards all those slim people who can eat whatever they want and not gain a pound, its just not fair, why cant I be one of those people..

Anyways, like I said i just wanted a moan, Its well into the evening now and Im through the worst and not broken and have a full day planned tomorrow....

Just peed orf! :mad:
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Fighting for My Health
It is really difficult isn't it :( Even when you know why you are doing this, and that you HAVE to do this, I think those hard done by, jealous feelings are very normal. I get them all the time. The cravings are a b**ch. I am SO desperate to eat something carby, anything! I don't seem to be so tempted by protein as I suppose my body has enough of it, and my old favourite, choc, isn't bothering me really (can't believe I'm saying that, as usually I'd go through a huge bar most days!). But I am so flaming hungry during certain parts of the day (despite ketosis!) and desperate to just have a good solid, savoury meal. Arghhhh.

Sorry, I've probably not helped you there at all lol. Just added to the moaning! :rolleyes: It's good to get it out and have a moan sometimes though I think. I hope tomorrow feels a little easier for you, and well done on getting back on track and being so strong! It's very inspiring indeed.

I know how you feel babes......got to shop and cook for Paul tomorrow as he's bored with eating stuff from M&S. Also while I'm out can I please get him a box of Lindor, he's bored with supporting me now, not his fault that he never puts on an ounce.......

I'm not craving anything sweet but would kill for a couple of soft boiled eggs and toast soldiers followed by a big fruit salad......


Fighting for My Health
Oooo, eggs and soldiers! YUM!
thanks guys, yeah it is a real pain... I have first week weigh in tomorrow after restart so i have been back on wagon for a full week now, i already know tomorrows weigh in will be spectaular.... but its that VS the Pizza! lol

egg and soldiers YUM! lol
hey lets turn this into the maon thread indeed! LOL
If youre feeling anything crappy and cravings then post up a rant! lol


Fighting for My Health
Good idea! :) We can't hide the emotions with food anymore, so may as well have a good ole rant in here :)
Can i join in the moan.. the smell of hot buttered toast with melted cheese and grilled tomotoes is killing me. ... if only the LT soup was nice.. i'm dying for something savoury.. anything!
This is like a food porno thread now! lol... Buttered toast,cheese and tomatoes yum!!! i could polish off several rounds of that right now! lmao! all this talk of food is actually having a positive effect! Feels like sinning just fantasising about it with others... Mmmm maybe Ive discovered a new "coping stratagy"??
lol, i've started to ask people to describe all the tastes to me, it strangely works (well almost)


Fighting for My Health
I could murder a slice of cheese on toast right now! mmmmmm Hubby's cot some steak slices (like pasties) in the fridge, and one of those warmed up would also go down a treat right now.

Think this thread should come with a warning lol
The OH has just had beans on toast for supper. I had an exante soup! Actually they're pretty tasty, I ordered the cheapo bumper pack and might switch totally. Don't want to leave all my new best friends on here though.....xxxxx

Ps made the soup with a pint of water to make it last as long as it took Paul to eat the beans......still craving toast, my absolute most favourite food:cry:
I can't stop smelling things...

I put my head in the biscuit tin to smell the Ginger nuts
I smell my OHs toasted cheese and ham sandwiches
I put my head deep into his fried chicken and inhale deeply
easiest way to say it
I smell everything

I know what your thinking... Don't put yourself through that
it makes me feel better

I'm still bloody hungry all the time, but I've kind of accepted that now

feel better getting that off chest.... Thanks

good luck tomorrow rad, you won't need it tho
Lady Chuckle.. You not deserting us are you???

Come on Nick.. You can do this.. We are all behind you... It does seem worse (for me anyway) at the weekends..

I have drooled at every post so far that has mentioned food!! lol
LOL @ Amanda - smellaholic!
@ Sandra, hope you dont go away, still pop in you go Exante!
@ Su, I dont work so I find everyday is like a weekend (although I do start a new volunteer job in a charity shop tomorrow so should keep me a bit busier!)

Im off to bed now to dream of Family size Domino Pizza with garlic dips! "Only dreaming though! lol xx
That's just reminded me....

I dreamt of granola last night

not that i liked it before, but I work at a small bakery, they make biscuits for cheese and guess what granola pmsl
It must be the smell, good job I'm only there one day a week pmsl


Dieting & Mummy To Ethan
I think one of the reasons the diet is sometimes so hard for me this time round is because I know how long it took me to get to the point I got to before I got pregnant.
I know theres nothing to say that it'd take the same amount of time, I mean I could lose a little quicker or slower than last time, but it's just having to start all over again.
I know I ate when on holiday but holidays are a rare occurence for me. I don't have nights out anymore due to having a young baby so never have the temptation there.

I do miss food. My partner doesn't understand just how difficult this diet is and although I've admittedly slacked with the water today, because he was annoyed with me he called me a waste of space. :( Lovely!

He's also annoyed that I'm thinking about coming off at Xmas, but why the hell shouldn't I? Maybe I won't come off, but if I do, then it's my decision and he should support me. It's not like I'm going to go insane with food, but the way I felt on holiday when everyone was sat at the dinner table eating food with me sat all alone is not something I wish to go through again at Christmas.

Rant done! lol! xx
Amanda - I sniff things obsessively too - it really helps, doesn't it?!

I am craving carrots badly - steamed with butter and pine nuts. YUM. And peas. And sweet-corn.

Or jacket potatoes, nice and crispy, with chopped up bacon and cheese inside and grilled with cheese on top.

Or pasta with philly and ham.

Sigh. The really depressing thing is I know that even when I'm eating again, I shall have to avoid the pasta and potatoes as much as possible if I am to maintain.

Moan, moan, moan - definitely helps!

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