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well done 6lb is fantastic i have been cold all week as well are you having your shakes hot I also drink hot water through the day as well as gallons of coffee

with regards to the shopping spree I dont know how much more you want to lose but Asda is really great for every day clothes and at reasonable prices really good especially for me any way as my loss means I have gone down 3 dress sizes so having to buy new clothes frequently

keep up the good work
Well done on another fab loss! I've had to buy new trousers for work as mine had gotten far too loose and it was a goooood feelin'! :D

Oh and I'm freezing too! :23:


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Well done on that 6lb. Fair play to ya. Great result.
well done babe, i hope ya are alright. Great overall loss!! Ya are doing magnificant!!
Great loss hun, well done.

I am always cold! I've been wearing a t-shirt, nightie, pj bottoms and socks to bed with a hot water bottle and I'm still cold!!!!!!

Well done hun thats great, and your not on your own with the cold. I am on nights at the min and get cold anyway but had 2 duvets over me and an electric blanket on and it still took about and hour and half to feel warm i even had thick pjs on. Needless to say I woke up sweltering as I fell asleep before I turned the blanket off lol its the warmest I have been in weeks xx
:talk017: wow thats mavellous,keep at it :) :)
I too can't warm up always freezing and struggle drinking the cold water in this weather (I couldnt drink hot water eww). I wish sometimes i had started this diet in the spring or summer months. I also feel people dont notice the weight loss in the winter because you all always wrapped up. I just hope I dont let myself down and put it all back on in the summer. I know I sound daft just my insecurites coming out. LOL.
Well done on your 6lb loss thats great.

I too am freezing every night when i get home. I am currently sitting here with a duvet around me and the heating on, but am still cold. My feet are like ice blocks.
Hope we all warm up soon.

I had a fan heater on all day in work today, it was bliss, coz I was working alone and no-one was telling me it was boiling all the time.
I think it's a combination of ketosis, the cold weather and missing a layer of blubber that used to keep me warm. :23:
(I wouldn't want it back though!)


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Well done! you are doing really well!!! Caz xx
WTG on the loss :) fantastic!

The coldness is awful isn't it. I was going to bed in nightie, pj bottoms, cardigan and thick bedsocks, then putting my dressing gown ontop of my quilt, and I still shivered whilst hubby boiled lol

Now using the electric blanket............ I would definitely recommend it, getting into a bed thats lovely and warm, and waking up feeling toastie. Oh and hubby's happier I've shed all the layers:8855:

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