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WI on week 2 :-(


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i only lost 3.5lbs this week i know thats over a stone in 2 weeks but i am a bit gutted. I have been 100% and drank the water.

i did have a couple of days were i missed shakes as i was busy and my CDC said that would affect my loss but it makes it hard to get through another week of shakes just for 3.5lbs i can do that on atkins
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Aww Kerry, don't think of it as a low week's loss, think of it over the two weeks. That's what I am doing. I have lost 13lbs over the 2 weeks so you see your loss compared to mine is about the same. I bet you get a bigger loss again next week. Keep at it with me!


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i will honey but i was hoping to get this over and done with quickly lol
Hey a stone in 2 weeks IS quick! lol


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i know but its so hard sometimes and the loses keep me going but i can have bars now so i am hoping that will help but i am not giving up yet cheers RD xx
I'm glad you're not giving up. I forgot to ask about bars lol but I'm ok on shakes and soups. If I had a bar I may want to eat more than 1! Although to be honest I can feel that my stomach is shrinking (On the inside at least, not to look at!) because I feel so full after my evening soup.


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well first bar eaten and omg it was lovely it doesn't make me want to eat more it just makes a change from shakes.
felling a bit more positive knowing there is something different to be eaten during the day
I must remember to try a bar next week then!
Hey Kerryberry, have you been measuring yourself? I bet you've lost loads of inches too;)
i have been losing inches and after thinking about it for a while as people say thats just over 1 stone in 2 weeks and now i can have bars i feel a bit better

cheers guys xx


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Kerry thats great over a stone in 2 weeks. But I do know what you mean, after a big loss in the first week you kinda want that every week. I too was a little disappointed when I lost 4 lbs the second week. Then the 3rd week I also lost 4 lbs so I guess I am a 4 lbs girl.
But when you total it up it sounds so much better.
The bars are delicious, I love the peanut one yum yum yum.
Keep up the good work hun xxxx
cheers honey i think i just want to get through and know i can lose that whole amount as i have got down to 15 stone before and its hard to picture getting past that at the moment but after my dissapointment i feel better i am thinking of it as a 2 week block instead.

cheers again peps
well new day and i am feeling good again i can do it and that is a great loss

cheers girlies you really do help
My turn to feel yuk. Think last night's broccoli and cheese soup didn't agree with me.


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which would u say is the best soup?
It's personal taste. I like the veg and the spicy tomato but others don't.
soup wise i didn't like any sorry

i am feeling better about my loss now but thanks for the encouragement it really helps me xx


is looking forward
How are you feeling now hun xxx

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