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WI tomorrow, not confident of big loss

Coz I messed about a bit over the past couple of days, daft stuff like Go Ahead yogurt slices with a cuppa before bed Grr... :( And no gym Monday or Tuesday due to work being too busy to escape at lunchtime...

The scales showed I'd lost 2lbs this morning which yeah, is 2lbs gone so it's a good thing, I'm just hoping to get that last 20 lbs off by October 15th; three weeks time!

Need to get back on track. Had a good session in the gym this lunchtime and I've avoided eating silly things today so far so fingers crossed for a couple more lbs off on the scales tomorrow.
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Just keep drinking the water! Sure you will be fine
good luck with WI you never know you might get a little suprise!!

Yeah, you're all right of course! I've been expecting things to slow down, guess we're getting to that time :( But I've not helped myself the past couple of days, I picked at my mum's too, at least it was just a handful of chicken but I should know better these days. Like my daugher's pizza leftovers were soooo tempting earlier tonight! Threw it straight in the bin though :D

The weather forecast was for a clear sky so I was hoping to take my mind off by giving this beast of a telescope (it's taller than I am!!!) I'm looking after a test drive, but it's cloudy :( bloody weathermen hehe
Well done on chucking out the pizza leftovers ...as they are v tempting..yummy crusts lol

You know you've done fabulousy ;) so dont beat ya self up too much deary about a couple of slip ups..and they aint mother of all slip ups...go ahead bars lol ..no biggie :D

Your doin fab!
Haven't got anything original to add, my eloquent fellow post-ers have beaten me to it, but 2 pounds is fine for a loss, but more importantly you are now back on track in terms of your determination to get to the gym more often and to not eat stuff you are not allowed.
Today I was in the office and there was an announcement that there were rolls left over from a meeting that we could help ourselves to. I ended up going into the kitchen to 'have a look' - it was so tempting, it must be difficult for all who face food (I used to almost live off pizza) at home - luckily I don't.
Good Luck for next weigh-in.


Skinny girl in a fat body
Jim, I haven't been around for a few weeks but you are doing fantastically well. Don't be too hard on yourself. You have come a long way with not long to go. Well done


One day at a time!
Hope the weigh in today brings a pleasant surprise Jim. It will be a bit of a shock to lose less than 6lbs! Still you are so close now that each pound takes that much more effort - it's very tempting to think that now you have lost so much "just a little nibble" wont hurt........much better idea to have planned "nibbles" then you don't feel like you've slipped (a case of do as I say, not as I do!!):)

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