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WI tonight... blown it!


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Just been sat reading my food diary - and decided to add up all my syns for the week - well if i have 15per day - thats 105 a week right?

Yeh ive had 116!!!!!!!!!!! :break_diet: :cry::cry:

Bl**dy dreading WI - but i'm still going to go - it will be my first gain since i've started - and it wont be happening again - Feel like i've really let myself down this week :(

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That's not to bad, you may be surprised and STS or even lose a 1lb, those extra syns may not show in body weight yet. Good luck to you. X


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dont worry honestly i have had weeks where i have gone over and still had a loss it all depends on how quick your metablosim is working.
My friend was really worried today and kept saying i know i have gained as she had picked all week and had a chinese on sunday but she lost 3.5lbs today!!
Even if you do gain which im sure you wont just draw a line under it and say ok i had a gain but im over it! This week is a new week lets make sure i get it off!
Good luck and let us know how you get on x


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What's the panic? You've only have an extra 11 syns. That's roughly an extra 220 calories over the course of the whole week. It's not going to make that much difference in the big picture if it's only a one-off.


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Thanks everyone :) , i just beat myself up too much about it, which i need to stop doing.
I guess when i did ww, i started to slack and then just gave up - which this time round i wont be doing!

Thanks again for all your support :D xxx


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Ive had quite a few sins this week.. I went to a wedding saturday and had chicken fried rice last night for tea....still los 5lbs this week...so you never know..


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As others said, don't worry Alyce.
You are doing just great, and this is just a miscalculation, which may not even make a difference! If it does, just draw a line and start again. My bet is you'll have a fantastic loss next week!
Good luck!!


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you can do it:D

I have had a :eek: week since Thursday:eek:

BUT I know i will put on (tonight weigh in, and learnt from it! I am staying for meeting) I have been battling not to jump back onto cambridge diet, but I know I can lose on this if I stick too it:sigh:

months without drink or chocolate was too much this weekend:D


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I wouldnt worry too much about it hun! I blew well over that in one night on saturday!


I can do this............
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Loving you new pic sarah jayne! love those glasses


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Thank you and thank you! Unfortunatly, I cant take the credit for the glasses as they are my friends lol, I just borrowed them for the pic!


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It's good that you're still going to go. If you've not done well, at least you know why and what to change. And if you lose then it's a bonus but you can be more careful next week :)


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Something I do when I feel like I've over-eaten or had too many treats is just take a moment and think about what I used to eat in the bad old days! Try just totting up the number of syns you'd have consumed on an average day when food was ruling you and not vice versa. Pretty sure I'd have managed 100 a day, easy! :p

Hang in there, I think you might be pleasantly surprised by the scales. :)


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...well ladies.... went to WI last night... and LOST!!!! 3LBS!!! :eek::eek:

I'm gob smacked!!!!:D

Thank you all sooooo much for the support, your all stars !! :thankyou:

A x


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Defo Gem, over the moon :) x


I can do this............
S: 14st3lb C: 11st11lb G: 10st13lb Loss: 2st6lb(17.09%)
Well what did we tell you! Well done hun what a brillant loss keep it up for next week!

Mrs V

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There you go!!! All that worrying over nothing Huni! Its always better to face the scales and sort out the outcome.


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