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WI - when do you stop eating?


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It is WI day today and I'm getting weighed at 7pm (ish) I'm never sure when is the best time to stop eating/drinking? I don't want to turn up full of food/water esp as I had such a rubbish 1st wk loss, desperate to see a good number LOL!

So, what do you do on the day of your WI? Any tips to share? :)
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Im just me!
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well i stop eating about 1pm and my wi is 6.30pm . and i dont eat much on light foods like fruit and salad.


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My WI is at 5.30, I have lunch at 1230 and don't have anything to drink after 2pm

I have no idea if it makes any difference but it's my routine! I'm starving and gasping for a cuppa by the time I've been weighed!!
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I eat a light breakkie and lunch around 12 and then that's it until WI where I will have a hi fi bar until i get home and have dinner



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Oooh gosh - not tried this - I ate lunch at about 2.30 yesterday and was drinking lots of water throughout the afternoon...weigh-in was at 5.30pm...might have to try this on weigh in days!!


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I don't stop eating or drinking... if I'm hungry I will snack on free foods and I will continue to drink water and green tea.

Fav WI day snacks are: carrots, melon and grapes

However on WI day I will only eat free foods and healthy extras - and these have to be light bites. Only because I know if I eat something heavy I will blame any gain on that instead of my overall week!
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I weigh in at 6pm. I tend to eat lunch (but try not to make it something heavy like a jacket spud!) and carry on drinking water/squash til about 3pm. I figure that's enough time for any wee to work itself out of my system!


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im 3 weeks into sw this time i have been drinking coffee and eating on the day and my weight loss has not been good last time i did it i did not have anything only sips of water and it makes a huge difference this time first week two and a half pound last time 8 pounds and i was roughly the same weight both times.


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I always eat and drink as normal on weigh in day, usually having a full meal before weigh in at 5.15 it never made any difference to my loss, as I always had one, except for a couple of times over xmas!


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My weigh in is 7 ish, I try and have a light lunch and no food after 2pm. I don't drink anything after 5. It's silly really, but once you start doing it you have to do the same thing every week!
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I agree with the above, the best thing is to do the same every week!
my weigh in is at 6.30 but I still have tea with kids at 5pm,
which i will carry on doing, i have done it in the past where i have not eaten/drank in day of weigh in which is good for that weigh in - but what about the next one? do oyu then go for 2 days without eating??!
as long as my weight is coming off I am happy x


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I usually continue to eat and drink, but they are light foods, however, this week I'm not optmistic about my weigh in so I may stop at lunch time!
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This was one reason I started a morning class this time around. Last time my weigh in was in the evening and I would eat practically nothing all day, then I'd be so famished after weigh in I would eat anything, and often did!

I weigh in at 10am this time and just have a cup of tea in the morning, sometimes I have a hifi bar at class with a cuppa or have a brunch when I get back, this has really helped me this time around.
I weigh in at 7pm. Always have a good breakfast then a salad usually chicken or tinned fish and a yogurt for lunch, always have a red day. Once I had a big bowl of lentil soup for lunch and weighed in heavy that week so always have salad weighday. Nothing to drink for 2 hours before I weigh.


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I tend to stop eating after 2:30. My weigh in is at 7pm.
I think it's psychological with me though as if I had my normal tea and then got weighed, I;d blame any maintain or weight gain on that and not what naughties I may have had in the week (not that I have naughties - oh no!)
Still, it seems to be working as I've lost just over 3 stones so far..


Desperate to be slim!
I WI at 6.30, straight after staff meeting at school! Argh!
I am always starving by 4pm, so have an Alpen Light and an Options hot choc while I'm at the meeting, then I make sure I go to the loo before I leave school and go straight there.
I just try to make sure I do the same every week, then I think it must be fair!


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I always try and wear the same clothes each week too (well, same type at least) and never jeans *lol*


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This has been interesting reading ...

My weigh in is at 6pm, and don't drink anything after 4pm beacuse liquid weighs loads - but the food I think I do very differently;

I USED to eat a vey light lunch on weigh in day, and then not snack all afternoon, ultimately I was getting too hungry by 6pm

NOW I eat a nice big (although free) lunch - big jacket, lots of corn, huge salad on green or bacon, free sausage, beans, tomatoes etc on EE ... and a pud of fruit and yogurt ... and I find that firstly I don't miss the snacks in the afternoon (as I ate loads at lunch) but also that my losses have been better since I have started doing it.

oh - and I *always* wear jeans ...

wierd eh!


Cute, but psycho!
S: 24st6lb C: 19st8lb BMI: 45.6 Loss: 4st12lb(19.88%)
I think if I'd worn jeans on my first weigh in, then I'd always wear them, but as I was too fat (yes, I'm brave, I use the word lol) to wear even the biggest size, I wore a pair of stretchy black trousers.

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