Is so very nearly there!
G: 12st2lb
2lb is fab dont knock it

Well Done!


Slimming for my children
oh hell yea. And thank you!
Just thought i would also loose more as I have this poo poo bug and was aherm poo pooing all day yesterday and am still in agony with it!
But hey 2lbs is 2lbs. would love to loose 3 next week to just get as close to 15 something as possible as i get measured for my dress sat and can only go down a max of three dress sizes for the wedding with that dress!


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You're going in the right direction now... hooray!!! :D

And if you think 2lbs isn't a lot, ask the butcher to put 2lbs of ground beef in your hands and see the bulk of it and feel the weight of it. You will soon realise your achievement!

Mrs V

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Well done on the loss Hun!!! That is impressive!
I agree with Minders, visually seeing 2lbs and holding it brings into perspective how much weight your body was carrying.


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A great loss - Well done chickadee!!!


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well done, hope you feel beter soon


Slimming for my children
aw thank you. I went to sleep and just logged back in and saw all these well dones. Makes me want to do it even more lol. love a bit of praise.
Also the good thing is, is my engagement ring is feeling looser... maybe the weight is coming off my hands pmsl as I measured myself and i havent lost any inches???
But its all good as it needs to be a bit loose to be able to get the wedding ring behind it, as we were thinking we would need it made bigger meaning i would have to be without it whilst they did it..... worth looseing weight just for that as I love my e ring!


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Well done 2lbs is fab!! And a little praise can work wonders!


Slimming for my children
oh god yea. When i put on i was tending to shy away from here? But I love EE now its so easy its like tonight I am going out with my girls and one is cooking and I dont have to worry what shes going to do, as i know its healthy and i will just syn whats not on red or green!