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Wii Fit Boxing Question


Restart 3/9/2013
Hello to all who have Wii Fit! Anyone really got in to the boxing??? I LOVE it and unlocked super advanced last night.

One frustration tho...I can't get the weave/swerve right (sorry cant remember exact terminology) - you know where you do punch punch, swerve to the left, swerve to the right, punch???? My Wii never picks up my swerves!!!! What am I doing wrong???

I just did super advanced for the first time and scored 997 - 3 stars, and missed almost all the swerves as they weren't picked up! Just think I won't be able to get enough for 4 stars without the swerves!!!!

Off for another go, see if I can figure it out...:cool:
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I can't swerve either. Let me know if you work out how to do it. Might give it a try later, want to have a competition on the scores over the rest of this week?
I have not been on the boxing since I unlocked it, so not got as far as advanced! So no advice for it sorry - I should go and get some use out of it so that I can unlock advanced!


Restart 3/9/2013
Haha Shell - can't help you there. Too far away from the TV? I struggled with the left punches to start with - they werent registering, but I seem to have sorted out my technique now!!!!

Am always up for a competition :) My score tonight as I said above is 997 and blooming happy with that :)


Don't worry, be happy :)
Oh i'm trying to unlock this one, evreytime i play the boxing on the wii sports my arms ache for days after, i just get too involved in the competition :D.


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I'm a saddo and love the step aerobics and hula hooping rather than the boxing :hide:


Restart 3/9/2013
OOhhhh no love love love the step and the hula hoop too! Also love ski jump, but am definately enjoying the aerobic exercises at the mo!


soon to be minnie mouse
have you got the handsets in the right hands if that makes any sense, as i'm left handed and was doing it all wrong at first (still c##p though)
love trying to beat my best score on the hulahoop and steps
im a hula champion and i love free step i do it for an hour at a time whlst i watch 2x eastenders...is great...i quite like the jogging too, totally crap at the ski thing not the jump the balance one...like the tennis on wii sport too...i bought ski family the other day havent manged to have a go yet thu...in fact havent been on th fit for ages..no doubt it will shout at me...bast**d

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