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Wii Fit Club

Hi everybody, there seems to be quite a few of us doing the wii fit at the moment so I thought it might be fun to start a thread where we can all post our exercise and scores. Could maybe branch out into some competitions for a giggle! What do you all think?
I shalll be going on tomorrow for the first time in a year at least LOL.
So if you fancy post your exercise and your scores, it will pass a bit of time and take your mind off food if nothing else :D
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Needs more willpower
Sounds like a good idea, I have had my WII fitness plus sitting unopened for 6 months or more and am planning to start it tomorrow after joing SW last week x
i love going on my wii fit plus but due to slipped discs iv not been on it for a week and wont be able to this week either but hopfully fingers crossed will be back next week so i will be joining this group but you all get a head start lol good luck all :)
Jeez ditzee, you just made me tired hun! Haven't even summonsed the energy to get on mine yet, though I did set it up last night :D
yay, i have only managed to do the fitness test so far today as have family over but it put me at age 25. have only had the board for 7 days but i love it :D
Eventually managed to do an hour on my Wii fit (this is purely a novelty as I haven't done it for a year lol).

Did all the yoga exercises
Step Plus scored 528 (10 mins)
Super hula hoop scored 1720 (10 mins)
Free step for 10 mins
also did some balancing exercises but it was quite sad!

And just to top it off...... The Wii fit has had the nerve to put my age at 61! I'm only 44 - Jeez :mad:


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Got a wii fit recently and would love to join this thread as I am going to start it on wednesday and would love to hear what other people do!
Welcome aboard Sci-Fi!

Stephen, I love my treadmill as well but hubby has buried it in the garage ! That's his task for this weekend - to unearth it LOL :D


Needs more willpower
Ok never managed to start as planned, but did put 2 coats of paint on the inside of my porch. :D Would this count ;)
hi all, i done over an hour on the wii board yesterday. but it was all the fun games as visiting family was playing too.
will be doing it seriously today.
am also waiting for my trampoline to be delivered today, so no doubt my mouth will get a good work out trying to put the thing together lol :D
hi, not sure if replying right as very new to this..
i have a wii fit that has been sitting there for ages but im very keen on getting back on it, and now im not going to use "im too busy" excuse i will find time i will i will i will!! lol. what is everyones fav excerise mine has to be the step one so hula hula although that u do feel the burn on aspecially when ur trying to beat someones score :D
HI Claire, welcome on board hun. I love the super hula and the step as well. Really wanted to do the boxing last night as well but the darling kids have lost my boxing bit of the Wii. Is it a nunchuck or something? Don't you just love them??? :sigh2:
yes you need a nun chuck. i also love the hula its fun. i like getting competitive with the family and play lots of the fun games. the tightrope is hard. have only managed to do one and a half levels of it. i aslo love the ski ones. and i havnt managed to finish the sitting still candle one yet. my 2 year old son dont stop laughing at the buzzy things on it and he keeps trying to blow the candle out. very funny and off putting


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i didnt do any last night - too busy playing on my new phone :)

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