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wii fit plus

Is anyone else using the wii fit plus exercises to help with their weight loss? :8855:

I got one about a month ago and I'm doing at least 45 minutes a day, but usually around 1.5 hours if I can find the time.

I find wii fit really helps keep me motivated as well being great fun.

I need to lose weight all over, but I am particularly interested reducing my tum, bum, thighs, upper arms and back fat, so any wii fit suggestions would be great.

What are your favourite exercises or routines and do you find they are helping with your weight loss?

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Hi. I've got a Wii fit plus. Wow you're doing lots of exercise! Go you.

My fav exercise is the cycling. I've just done the expert course and finding all those flags took me an hour! Be warned though it kicks you off if it takes more than an hour (as I discovered to my annoyance). I worked out that the hour will have burnt around 700 calories! So that's gotta help with weight loss.

I also really like the obstacle course and the free step. Its good to just watch TV as you do step.

Dislikes - none really but I can't do that flying game!

What do you like?
Wii Cycling is fab

I love the cycling too. It's my favourite. and I try and make time for it every day. I've done all the levels, but I don't burn nearly as many calories as you. I can't be pedalling as fast. 700 calories is really impressive.

On Sunday I got my upgraded bike after uncovering all the shaded areas on the island, and doing the roof tops on the free cycling. Again, it only gives you 30 mins, and I find it the hardest level because you can't see the balloons. I know where they are now, but it is really hard for me to get them all in the alloted 30 mins.

The other exercise I do most regularly is the advanced step. I enjoy the boxing and the hula hoop and I do some of the yoga to warm up and down and a few of the muscle strengthening exercises. I also do some of the golf for the upper body, although I am no golfer that's for sure. I'm absolutely hopeless at the flying game. I have only tried it a couple of times.


Creating my life
I put my exercise into my account on calorie-count.com so it works out the calories burnt. It might not be right though! I got kicked off the wii before it could tell me.

Have you tried Kung Fu? For some reason I cant seem to do the mirrored actions! Such a muppet!


Call me Nicky xx
I love my wii fit too. I compliment mine with jillian michaels dvd. I mainly do jogging, free step, advanced hula and boxing. I also find the kung fu great fun.

I cant do that damn obstacle course, my DH however completed it on his first attempt grrrr.
I try the kung fu but I am always too slow or something, ending up with a pathetic one star.

I am not that great on the obstacle course either. Maybe my reactions are too slow. I have only tried it a couple of times and failed dismally around mid way.

I use the calorie counter on wii fit. I am not sure how accurate it is. The amount of calories burnt depends on your weight. I now get fewer calories on the step plus that when I weighed a bit more.

I've heard Jill Michaels is a hard taskmaster! Not sure I am at her standard yet. I have "Just Dance" which is fun, but exhausting. I have ordered "The Biggest Loser - Ultimate" in the hope that some of the exercises on it help me tone more than the wii fit.

I listen to the radio or music when I do the wii fit cycling and the time goes really quickly which is probably why I enjoy it so much.
Hi, we just got one before christmas and am working my way through the workout and games - I like the boxing/hitting one and get quite carried away which is a bit alarming! We also like the obstacle course and the cycling - the most fun we have is weighing the cat each week who is also on a diet - but only 4 lbs to lose - ah bless! (er, his mum's got a bit more to lose than that.....)
We weigh our cats too. They've been keeping me company on the cycling, jogging and segway and helping out too!

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