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Wii Fit question


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Yes you can - or you can password protect your own stats so no-one else can see them x

Mrs Z

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When I made my profile on Wii I was giggling so much when it told me it was a mii.

I picked my hair, programmed my name and my colours and all the bits and pieces and then picked the body size (being quite flattering to myself). It then weighed me and the cheeky thing changed my mii and made my picture fatter...........

It is rally entertaining - I am the household current hula-hoop queen here.

Hope you enjoy it as much as we have.


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Lol your post made me giggle Mrs Z. Yeah I have wii-fit too, its great, love the step up thingies and hula hoops game, lots of stuff to keep you occupied on a rainy day!

Mrs Z

Gold Member
I played on it so much when we first got it that I could hear the "pinging" noise from the step game in my sleep.

I was also really peeved to find that my friend's piggy had turned gold. Apparently when you get enough in the fit bank it chages colour. Not that I am anywhere near it even looking off-pink never mind gold.

Mrs Z

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I know should do more on mine but it's just so much funnier to watch other people doing it.

The tightrope one gets me every time - I just can't jump over the little critter thing.

The ski-jump one just makes me look like an idiot. My bum just should not be stuck out at an angle like that, ever!


Love God; Love People
I'm loving Wii fit. Just got started a few weeks ago. I like how it alters the size of your Mii according to your BMI. I keep thnking how I need to get my Mii's tummy smaller and that addds to the motivation! In the aerobics section I enjoy the Step exercise but it has become a bit repetitve to me now. I only just unlocked the punchbag exercise and it is my new favourite now! Hula hoop is great too. I haven't gone beyond 3 mins both sides yet though. I also like the push-ups and side twists -I can't do them properly and the trainer tells me off but this is my first time of ever doing a push up and I'm just glad I've finally started!

Mrs Z

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I like how it alters the size of your Mii according to your BMI. I keep thnking how I need to get my Mii's tummy smaller and that addds to the motivation!

I'm glad I'm not the only one who had their Mii changed by the Wii - I was being really flattering to myself but obviously could not even fool a computer.
I am loving seeing the change in my mii as i lose weight, i bought wii fit April 08 when i was 3 stone heavier my mii's tummy was big her t'shirt was really short but now it nearly touches her trousers lol!


I'm the tortoise.
That's brilliant. The only thing with it is I dislike weighing in everyday, my weight fluctuates so madly. Luckily I'm aware of this, but it can be disheartening.

On a good note, I ordered Wii Active, should arrive tomorrow, and an Actifry =)
i stopped weighing everyday just weigh Sat mornings now or if i do get tempted to weigh in the week i only go by the Sat'day weight. I have ordered wii active last night can't wait. Seen it being demonstrated today in a shopping centre!

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