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Wii Fit?


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Has anyone got one of these and if so do they find it useful?

There's a max weight of 330lbs for the balance board so I wouldn't be able to use it until I complete my first "mini goal" but was thinking I might get it as a treat for when I get there, incentive an all that.

Anyone recommend them?
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When I first got wii fit I absolutely loved it.. but then I got a bit bored of it. It doesn't help that OH nagged about me turning the t.v. onto it all the time....!
I don't know about the other exercisey type things but when you can use the balance board wii fit is really fun. There are other games such as just dance that's meant to be fun and doesnt involve a balance board. I think if your going to stick to it it's worth the investment.
The advantage with playing on the wii is it's not like an exercise DVD where you need to do a set time, you can do just 5 mins which is better than nothing. Also just stuff like playing on the basic table tennis game is still exercise.


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Just realised I rambled a bit then and my answer was more based on the wii in general rather than the wii fit!
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I have one but i don't play it much now but it's good for getting active without realising, you can always get a dance mat when your feeling more energetic they are real good fun im using kinect dance central


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Rambling is all good! Both sound good, definitely for an exercisephobe like myself :D
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I've often wondered what the weight limit is on the wii fit. Thank god I've not been on one! Otherwise I'd owe someone a new one!
That's gonna be another personal little achievement... First time I can actually use a wii fit! :)

Hope u like it if you do get one! They look fun & if your like me it'd great that it's exercise in the house!!
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I like Wii, mainly as others have said it's easy to fit in 5 mins here or there.

However, I always feel that I build up more of a sweat with the Just Dance.



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how about an x-box 360 with kinect? no lmit on those as it's visual only...
you don't get it to tell you how much you weigh, but your bathroom scales or SW weigh in does that for you anyway..


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Yeah I was looking at the Xbox too. I suppose the main things would be the games available etc...

Is the Kinect for fitness? Ideally I'd go for a PS3 but don't think they have the motion/fitness aspects do they?

ETA - Ooo they do! PS3 do the "Move" thing, am prolly gonna get one of those then, yay!
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The kinect has Your Shape Fitness evolved and EA Sports active two. Have done both, nearly killed myself with EA Sports, rteally unrelenting and no cheating unlike when I used it with the wii (waving the controller around pretending to run while I got a drink - and my breath). It also has Dance Central which is immense fun and really gets your sweat on while you "crank dat solja boy" or something... I would highly reccomend the Kinect. :) I have a wii as well and while the EA Sports active on the wii is utterly fab, the kinect takes it to a whole new level.
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I have the wii fit, and personally LOVED it! However, my board started to play up after a while as I just light enough to use it, so when I did the obstacle course where you have to jump, it would turn itself off, and it became SUPER annoying. But, I did still use it to weigh myself.
Since I have been on Slimming World, I haven't gone near it, I would rather go for a walk or to the gym - dependent on how comfortable you are doing that.
But an amazing alternative (if you have an xbox) is the kinect accsessory you can buy for it which is a sensor/camera so you dont have to use a controller, it just sees you, I have been using the YOUR SHAPE Fitness Evolved on the xbox (but you have to have the kinect accsessory for it to work) and it is absolutely amazing!
No worries about the board, you can move around freely, the only thing is you need quite a large space (around 6ft from the tv) to be able to use it. But on the Your Shape game it tels you how many calories that you have burnt, and so far I have burnt over 1000, and yesterday I burnt 200.
I do love the wii fit, but I did get bored with it, and like I said had a problem with the board after a while.


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Thanks for the info. The Kinect does sound really good, the distance wouldn't be a problem as I have a really big living room. I think I'll have to research more regarding the PS3 and the XBox before I decide for good, am itching to buy one though!
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I'm sure whichever you decide will be fabulous. Enjoy! X


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My OH bought me a Wii fit plus for Christmas and so far, so good! It's good for keeping track of how much exercise you do and it tells you how many calories you're burning off too. I'm really enjoying it and I like being able to do it in my pjs and what not. I got Just Dance 2 aswell which is also super good exercise! But there's so many alternatives, I'm sure you'll find what works best for you.

Good luck! :)

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I got a Wii Fit for Christmas with a dance game and EA Sports. I think it might be quite good - well if I could have any time on it, that is! As soon as I get it out the blinkin' kids are all over it and I never get a chance for a good workout.

When I say kids, I actually mean young adults - can't wait for them to go back to uni so I can actually have a proper go:D!


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Think I might sell mine. I never use it now as I get unlimited exercise classes with my Gym membership so I'm making the most of it.


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I love the Wii Fit and haven't figured out how to cheat at the jogging!! No matter how many times I move my arm the stupid Mii just falls further and further behind so I actually have to jog!!!!

Just dance is better for getting a full cardio work out because it's so energetic, but it's fun, i'm laughing at how ridiculous I look whilst trying to do Beyonce-esque moves in my living room!

The wii fit is better for light exercises, the yoga section in particular is really good for when your feeling low on energy.

Playing on wii sports and resort (the tennis, table tennis and espcially boxing!!) still provides exercise as long as you get in to it (as we do at home because we're all a little too competitive).

I can't really comment on the Kinnect because I haven't used one. I like the comfort of having a controller!!

Either way, they provide a fun way of exercising when it's raining outside :D


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Just a wee question.. I have just dance for the wii but I never seem to be doing the right move/get the points etc.. I'm not sure I'm even doing it right... Any ideas? It's good fun anyway lol


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It's really hard, I do the same songs everyday now so I can practice lol. My boyfriend thinks I look hysterical. :( I don't think it really matters too much as long as you can feel yourself getting a good workout! :)
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My sister has a wii fit and uses it everyday, she had a knee injury 18 months ago & was put on a program of walking exercise by her physio - she had some game where you were a majorette in a marching band and had to march on the spot while twiddling your controller to throw your baton in the air, so she did that every day (as well as going for real walks!) and it worked really well. She got a dancing game for Christmas (dance 2) & we played on it Christmas afternoon and it nearly killed me! (mind you, this was after a full 3 course dinner and half a bottle of wine plus mince pies - I think walking up the stairs would have felt like hard work!)

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