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Wii Fit

Hi all,

I got the WII Fit today (for those who don't know what the H*ll I'm on about, it's a a fitness game/step thing for the WII), and it's fab. I'm out of breath by just trying it out, so I'll attempt to do it every day. It's good fun, so hopefully won't be just a novelty and go in the corner with ALL my other fitness gadgets! :)

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i want one!!!!!


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My daughter Cat (kitteh) got one too. She's probably playing on it now but have sent her a pm about this thread as I'm sure she will want to join in

Irene xx


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oooh yeah.. sorry. just got the pm.. i was on Wii Fit..

honestly.. fab.. i love it.. i think the best feature is.... the password.. lol.. it keeps your weight.. BMI.. etc safe.. so no one else can see.. cos i was dead worried that michael might see.. lol.. so its good that they did that..

I love the hula hooping.. but it kills me.. lol.. and apparently i am yoga teacher standard.. LOL.. they're just saying that to be nice.. lol.. the balance stuff was hard.. but that was cos i had the board the wrong way round.. played for three hours with it the wrong way.. lol..

Obv the more time you spend on it.. you unlock more games, etc to do.. which is a fab idea..

I love it.. i reccomend it.. totally..

Took me a while to realise how to "jog" though.. lol..

x x x x x x
OMG Cat - us too LOL!
We only realised when trying to head the balls that the board was the wrong way around, so was diving in the wrong direction! hehe

I love it and hope it helps me get back on track with diet and motivation.

Irene - I think you should get Cat to bring it over when she visits :D


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hahaha.. thats what i did too kitty.. lol.. i couldnt work out what was wrong.. but still i carried on.. no brain you see.. lol..

x x x
I went jogging around the living room, I was wiped out after it :eek::eek:

Great fun tho :D

DH is off up north for the footie tomorrow, so I can try and unlock some of the other levels without him giggling behind me LOL

I really liked the step game, reminded me of the old dance mats :)



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hehe.. totally.. exercise in the comfort of your own home.. what can get much better than that? lol..

I am really addicted.. hehe.. my little piggy is getting full.. lol..

I love everything about it.. how it explains things to you.. my COB was well out.. lol..

x x x


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I got one too - it's fab!! Can't sing it's praises highly enough! It's so much more fun than going to the gym or having a run!

I also got the Dancing Stage dance mat for the WII and that's brill too!

Annette x


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the what???? theres a dance mat????????????????//

Dancing Stage Hottest Party! It's along the same lines as the old Playstation dance mats, but you use your arms too with the nunchuk and the controller! It's great fun!!

Annette xx
The hula-hooping is fab isnt it! Still trying to figure out the heading the football one! And I was knackered after the 'short' jog! Jeez I'm unfit! :)

I love my wii fit!!
I'm very reluctant to let the kids on it!!
Planning to use it every day but we'll see!
Love the stepping, skiing and hula hooping.
Find the yoga really hard, I'm so unflexible...too much fat in the way!
L x


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:( Ohhhh its not fair !!!!!!! I want a wii fit! and the dancy thingy bob! .. we have a wii and i love the dance bits on rayman
Ive looked everywhere but they are all out of stock :( any ideas where they may have them?


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I want one, I want one, I want one!!!

I'm such a kid that this is actually exercise I'd do. Basically because it's not exercise, it's playing and because I get competitive (even with myself sometimes).

Going on my Christmas list already... or maybe a treat for when I reach my next stone down???


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