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Wii Fit??

First thing first you need to buy a Nintendo Wii this is the console which retails around £179.00 and comes with a game which includes bowling, skiing tennis and golf. This in itself is fun and great for one or more people to play although not fantistically energetic, more of a laugh on a friday night after a few beers!
The Wii Fit is £69.99 and is a white board/Step which comes with its own disc. On this disc there are training plans - it measures your BMI and weight and charts it on a graph. You then have a virtual trainer who helps you train Yoga, Muscles, Aerobics and balance. The more you do the more time you earn in your money pig and the more "Moves/Actions". you unlock. You can then get extra games like Mario and that comes with a steering wheel which you lock your remote into and you feel like you are driving in the Grand Prix etc (my hubby likes this) you can connect to the internet and play on line.

So although very expensive the Wii Fit itself virutally out of stock everywhere and is going to be the most sort after pressie this year for Xmas. Becareful of the online stores who take your money then tell you it is a 12 week delivery! also be wary of the bundles which a lot of stores are doing to try and get rid of the lesser games and tying it in with the Wii Fit, I personally got mine from Comet on line as part of a bundle £295.00 including delivery.
Go on line and google Wii Fit and go on the official website it has a virtual tutorial which will explain a whole lot more. It is fun and whacky either serious or playing I luv mine....................... enjoy
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I got mine from Argos for £69.99 which was really lucky. The Wii Fit is a lot of fun and I adore mine. Everything under the aerobics section feels like a good work out to me and the boxing is by far the one that's quickest to get me sweating. I've never tried any of the muscle workouts and the Yoga is a little too much for me at my weight though the occasions I have tried it it gives me 4 stars and tells me I'm a "Yoga trainer" which is funny.
Are well its all in your Balance - as I always said I may be big but my balance and posture was spot on!!!
Argos constantly out of stock - apparently best bet is Toys R us they get a delivery every Friday morning .
S: 26st2.2lb C: 24st13lb G: 21st5lb BMI: 54.7 Loss: 1st3.2lb(4.7%)
Yeah I know what you mean, I checked Argos for over a week I was up at 4am one morning and managed to find stock in my closest store which was even more of a shock, I reserved it in an instant went back 30 seconds later to see if there was any more and it was sold out again.


Needs a kick
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I def recommend wii fit.... it's great if your short on time like me, I do step for 30mins and catch up on any telly I've missed as you step to the beat from the remote and it counts your steps from the board? If that makes any sense! I've got tons of DVDs and there in the cupboard I think they were only out for the first week.
Also because you pay more for a wii then a DVD it makes me use it.
Good luck x
i got one today as my local GAME had a few in. shockingly. i bought it straight away but won't get a chance to try it out til tomorrow probably cos im now in work till 2 am most likely
its a brill work out, feel nasty and sweaty after going on it but in a good way lol. think its a good all round work out as long as you do activities from each category.
Thanks for all your replies guys, sounds like i neeeeeeeed a Wii!!! however think i might have to wait a bit as money is tight leading up to xmas, perhaps after the xmas rush???

Looks like its me and rosemary DVD again.

Ck x


Reached Target. woohoo
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i love mine got it 3 days ago, it does a few test and tell you your'e wii fit age it said i was 49 (i'm 44) and that my body was weak by 5 years, after using it its told me i now have a wii fit age of 31, i'm chuffed, the weight is spot on too.
lol the first test i did said my wii fit age was 25 which i was chuffed with as im 26 nearly 27, after working out on it and then working all evening and being tired and achy tho my fit age went up to 31. i guess its not a good idea to take the body test when your knackered lol.
i have unlocked all the yoga on mine so if i do each one its 30 mins of yoga which is brill and toning exercise. i dont wanna put on weight by building muscle so toning what i have is the goal. plus i have a bad back and im hoping the yoga exercises to stretch and tone my back muscles will help. its also really fun.
S: 26st2.2lb C: 24st13lb G: 21st5lb BMI: 54.7 Loss: 1st3.2lb(4.7%)
I have about 5 muscle workouts that are still locked the rest are unlocked :D

Nice idea Chinaa, how could we make it a competition? What exercise does everyone do on the Wii? I personally do the Hula hooping, boxing and Step what about everyone else?
i mostly do yoga but have unlocked almost everything else, the only things left to unlock are the 3 muscle challenge thingys, the last 3 things on the muscle workouts. i try and do all the yoga exercises every day (cant get my legs to do the last one lol) and then alternate the step, hula and boxing for variety. watched ER while doing the 20 min free step yeasterday.
S: 26st2.2lb C: 24st13lb G: 21st5lb BMI: 54.7 Loss: 1st3.2lb(4.7%)
I feel too big for the yoga I'll try more when I lose some more weight. I like the free step but I feel like I've done more from the regular step ones cos they have you going to the side and kicking your leg but I suppose there's nothing to stop me doing that on the free step version.

Any ideas how we could make a challenge out of the Wii fit? Maybe we could see how many combined hours we spend on the Wii fit between now and Christmas? Can't really think of anything else cos we all probably do different things on it.

p.s my 3 year old daughter gets a better burn rate on the jogging than me or my OH can what's that all about!
i think the burn rate thing is all about keeping a steady pace and a level speed. i think ive done a couple of hours on mine so far as i've had it for 8 days. the yoga is great for toning. cant quite do everything the way the skinny trainer person does but i have good balance for a fat chick lol.
it seems the faster you go the lower your burn rate, i got 205% burn rate on the long distance run.
lolim ok as long as i dont gotta run fast, distance i can do for a while at least, nice and steady like the big fat tortoise lol. saying that i think im fairly fit for my weight.

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