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wii fitness


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hi, i have wii fit and wii fit plus, they are quite good and there fun if you have kids to. my advice would be get "just dance" . my kids got it and trust me working through those songs is a work out.
i have wii active! very good
and Biggest loser USA.. its also fab!!!
i have them all!

my favourite is EA ACTIVE but if you can try get the Ea active more workouts.. its much better and... i find it even gives me a workout. and im used to lots of exercise so that one gets my vote..

my fitness coach is good but can get a bit boring after a while.. but still its good.

biggest looser is fab! i love most biggest looser products though.

the just dance and fitness coach dance cardio to me seem like fun games and not so much exercises they are not energetic enough..

standard wii fit and wii fit plus can be good too but i get bored..

im looking at buying that Ea active 2 that comes out novemeber and it has a heart rate monitor and new leg strap on it .. it looks good but wayy expensive tho =( x
ooooohhhh i like the sound of that..
might have to go and have a lookie for that one!!


Violet is shrinking
I love just dance,its s lot fun,which is good but i definitely need something more fitness based to do too.

i went for my fitness coach,will try it out tomorrow. i did look at the biggest looser and nearly got it,its only a tenner in asda so i'll probably get that next week to give me some variety.

i had looked at the ea active,but i didnt think it would be much help for me at the moment (ive got joint problems, but mainly my knees are effected and i cant do much jumping or pounding down on the knees until a lot of weight has gone to prevent serious damage)

i didnt know there was so many fitness games out,i also saw a pilates one,which i might get later on, there was yoga, that jillian thingy has a game out...there was loads in argos to choose from.

i dont have a wii fit,i was going to get one, but i think im going to wait for xmas and get the wii fit plus one, as a present for myself.

theyve got some exercise equipment on offer in argos too, ive got a exercise bike, but its worth a look if anyone wants anything.. they have those shaker weight things for a fiver off.. :)
shaker weight things????


Violet is shrinking
yeah,they look like ordinary hand weights but im not sure what they do exactly, but ive heard people rave about them...maybe somebody else knows :confused:
I've got one. It's like a big dumbbell with kind of springy things on each end that move when you shake it. It's quite hard to explain, if you look on youtube they have videos on how to use them. If you use them for 6 minutes a day it's supposed to be better than doing a certain amount of time in the gym (can't remember exactly how long!). I'm not really much help am I?!!


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you are helpful thank you... :)


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thanks,im going to look that up and see what theyre like...they sound a bit like those flexi bars that they have on shopping channels...

well i had a quick go my fitness coach and it wasnt too bad,i couldnt do the jumping up and down bits so i just changed that to a sort of gentle but fast bouncing...and my knee doesnt ache either so i think its going to be ok.. :)

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