Will eating a meal prevent me from going into ketosis?

Discussion in 'Shake That Weight' started by fatfortoolong, 19 May 2014 Social URL.

  1. fatfortoolong

    fatfortoolong New Member

    Hi, I have been on shake that weight for nearly a week and weight loss is going good. I am having a meal a day with three shakes throughout the day. I have read other threads and people saying they are in ketosis after three to five days... is my having a meal preventing me from going into ketosis?
    If anyone knows please let me know as I can drop the meal and start on four shakes.
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  3. kaz1979

    kaz1979 Full Member

    Shouldn't stop you as long as foods don't have a lot of carbohydrates in them. Google what foods you can have whilst in ketosis. Good luck xx
  4. -Rhino-

    -Rhino- Member

    I wouldn't have thought so, as long as the meal isn't super laden with calories.

    Not familiar with shake that weight but ketosis happens when the body goes for your fat reserves for energy because its not getting enough in from food.

    It shouldn't matter in what format liquid or otherwise the food enters your body in, it matters whats in it.
  5. Phat

    Phat Member

    I guess it depends what the food is? how many calories and how many carbs. I use mushrooms, green beans, celery, mangetout, broccoli, cauliflower etc for my 100 calories a day on exante total plus. I could also use meat or fish but that would mean only 100g tuna whereas I would rather have 300g green beans for example. I try and get the biggest bang for my buck ;)
    The other thing is that if you are drinking loads of water, the ketones you pass will be more dilute. I expect you are in ketosis if losing weight, but just drinking loads. Also different people burn in different ways. Ketones pass on breath and sweat too, so if just might be different for you. x

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