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Will I be a fat bride ........

Well I'm getting married in five weeks (today EEEEKS!) and I've been doing SS since monday. Gave up smoking two months ago and have put on a stone and a bit :( So I have my first fitting for the wedding dress next thursday so thought I'd best do something drastic ....SS!

I'm not looking to be thin.... but I'm looking to feel happier with myself on our honeymoon and in the wedding pics!

If I can loose just over a stone then I'll be the thinnest I've been in years (having already lost four stone thru other methods in the last four years). If I loose more I'll be ....... DELIGHTED!

So here goes I'm being weighed tonight..... although I weighed myself on Monday am (first thing!) before I started and this morning I was down by 8lbs already.

Must admit I'm finding it a bit hard at times ...... i.e. evening with nothing to do but drink water or try and make muffins that turn out horrible!

Any hints would be great! Have only ever lasted 10 days total on SS before so ....... fingers crossed this time!

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You may have only ever lasted 10 days on SS before, but you didn't have your wedding that close. You can do it. And to be honest that stone you put on will be history before your wedding. IF you stick to it.

It is more to the point asking if you can get your dress taken in. You'll need to.


Strong women stay slim
from one Blonde to another
I hear you girl , i lasted not long either , i'm on day 2 of a restart and I have a bad headache . Tips , just try take up a hobby , phone a friend , buy loads of mags , books , try stay with it . Think of the wedding photos and the dress fitting , and come here lots !
Well i had my weigh in and came in at one pound heavier than this morning so i'm happy ..... 8pounds lost in four days. Just hope it carries on like this!

Had to order an 18 wedding dress as the 16 didn't fit my boobs, the rest was fine but they were a problem, so i know it needs taking in but i still want to be thinner than i am now i.e. i am currently 12 pounds heavier than when i was measured for the dress so gotta loose that weight minimum before i'll be ok with myself again.

thanks for support :)


Strong women stay slim
8 pounds in 4 days , very good . How are you feeling today ?
congrats Tashy - i hope you are more prepared than me - although we're selling a flat in london and moving to a new house in the country a week (if it works out) before the wedding too - so kinda been stressful last few months!.

Well this morning weighs in at 13.13 so from my original 14.9 i've lost 10lbs in five days!

My life seems to be yoyo dieting! I've at one point been 17.9 feb 2002 then got down to about 13 by doing WW and being monitored by the doc and on tablets from them - probably around june 03. I think i yoyoed from 13.7 to 14.7 for a year then this jan i weighed in at 14.11, started WW got down to 13.4 and stayed that weight until that way until i gave up smoking two months ago and put on 1stone 5lbs taking me back to 14.9. So now hopefully i'm getting on track to be happy again at around 12.5 - 13 for the wedding.

Now off to the country to see parents - more wedding planning (still to book a photographer!) - i so want to be thinner I'm sure i'll not give in to food when there!

have a nice weekend all!

tashy - congrats - are you actually looking forward to the wedding? I'm still at that stage where i still can't believe it's mine....

Well thats another two pouds this morning so 10lbs in five days so far! I've only another 8lbs to loose to be the same size as when i was measured for the dress.

It's funny reading this forum most people are starting to want to loose weight at the weight i'm actually confortable at - should we stop when we are ready or happier or stop when standard size tells us?
so 11lbs loss for a whole week and I was bad last nite - had a few mouthfuls of wholewheat pasta, sausages and cheese :( Only have three and a half days till my fitting so I gotta stick to it - no way i'll loose the rest by then :(

Start 14 st 9
wk 1
ok so i don't know how to edit yet:

start - 14 st 9
wk 1 - 13 st 12 (11lbs loss)

wanna be 12 st 7 or 13 st max for the wedding....

btw how do you go back to eating after this? Does all the weight come straight back on again quickly if you don't monitor what you eat?
hi there,

well done so far, if you follow the plans 790,1000,1200, 1500 you will not regain the weight. IF you eat keep away from carbs, pasta bread, cereal etc, protein will limit the damage, but ideally keep away from it all. you will be feeling great for the wedding!

As with all diets yu will need to monitor what you eat when you finish - I think there is a depressing fact somewhere that 95% of all people who diet regain all the weight and more within 2 years - REGARDLESS of what diet you followed! So moral is it takes a lifetime to gain the habits and a lifestime to keep them at bay!


Strong women stay slim
ok so i don't know how to edit yet:

start - 14 st 9
wk 1 - 13 st 12 (11lbs loss)

wanna be 12 st 7 or 13 st max for the wedding....

btw how do you go back to eating after this? Does all the weight come straight back on again quickly if you don't monitor what you eat?
Think you get 15 mins to Edit it . when you notice something wrong after you post , you should see EDIT well click on it and you can do it then save .

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