Will i ever be able to eat yummy carbs again without gaining weight??

Discussion in 'Cambridge Weight Plan' started by That's_So_Fetch, 30 April 2007 Social URL.

  1. That's_So_Fetch

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    Cambridge Diet
    I think the reason why i am posting this is beause i have had a horrible day and i am seriously missing my food :( . I cant stop craving pizza!! This morning was ok but i have been feeling low today :( and had alittle cry because i was soooo hungry :cry: .

    I was wondering when will it be ok to eat carbs like pasta/ baked potatoe/sandwiches/cereal that kind of stuff and not cause any weight gain because of the method of losing wieght on CD??

    After we progress through the stages and get to 1500 phase can we eat these types of food??:confused:

    I intend to take up alot of exercise during weightloss and after so i know that will help with maintaining my weight but i just feel that even after maintaince on CD i will gain weight if i eat any carbs because of the method i lost weight using CD.

    I'm also worried about the food choices on the progressive phases after SS because i'm afraid i wont be able to cook it properly and i will fall into old habits.:confused:

    Sorry about the long post and if its confusing. I am having a really bad day and was seriously thinking of giving up. But i wont because i have to do this and i'm only on Day 6.

    Hope everyone else is doing well today

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  3. Squeak

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    Hiya Maybe Baby....thats a really lovely perfume by Benefit...Is that where you got your name from? off subject I know..if you've not tried it have a sniff next time your in Boots or Debenhams.

    I am feeling on a low too today... Have been on the diet since middle of Nov and have done well lost nearly three stone but I am now getting stuck in a rut. Lost the 3 stone by Feb then went to America middle of March and put on a bit but lost that.....but the last 2 weeks I cannot stop munching on chocolate....Got back on track this weekend and was really good but today had a major set back....so I feel for you....

    When I finish the plans or go back to normal eating!! I will probably have a very low carb diet all week and then relax a bit and enjoy alchol and extras at the weekend.
  4. KD

    KD Gone fishing

    Was Cambridge, now maintaining
    Yes, as you go through the plans you gradually increase your carbs. I eat about the same amount of carbs as any 'normal' person now :)
  5. canireallydothis!!

    canireallydothis!! Gold Member


    Me too!!!!!!!!!! although it is funny, I rarely have the cravings for them now like I did, so dont worry, things do get better, whilst it may feel like a black hole then it does get lighter, especially at the end of the tunnel when you are a slim fitter you x
  6. Janey

    Janey Intuitive Eater

    intuitive eating
    There is such a terrible myth about carbs. Carbs are actually very low fat foods, it's what is put ON them that isn't. I am sure you will be able to reintroduce carbs into your diet and anyway your body does need a well balanced diet and that does include carbs. Wishing you every success. :)
  7. That's_So_Fetch

    That's_So_Fetch Gold Member

    Cambridge Diet
    Thank you for your replys :) . I didnt expect to feel like this today because the rest of the week has been good. But i am alittle stressed about uni so maybe thats making things worse.

    I'm pretty sure i wont be craving food and carbs as much as i am today but i was just worried that i wouldnt be able to eat normal carbs, eg like a sandwich/baked potatoe for lunch every other day kind of thing, after the diet.

    I havn't heard of that perfume squeak. I will keep an eye out for it next time i am in town :D . I got name from when i was on the fone to my bf when registering and he always says maybe baby when i ask if we can go out etc, lol. :p


    LAINEY Cambridge Diet Counsellor

    Hello Maybe Baby (luvin' the name b.t.w!!)!
    Hope your evening is more cheery than your day has been? What everyone else has replied is spot on, as in, you will progress through each CD programme, introducing more food groups each time, until you eat a normal, healthy balanced diet each 'n every day!
    However, only reason I thought I'd pop on and waffle, is to share my "Carb Catagory" theory! :blahblah:
    I'm no nutritionist, but I view carbs into two catagories: True Carbs & False Carbs (I'm a simple kinda gal!!!).
    TRUE carbs are the natural products found off trees, out the ground, etc, such as fruit, vegetables, rice.
    FALSE carbs are the man-made stuff, such as cakes, crisps, sweets, chocolate, bread, pastries, etc-anything processed by man.
    MOST people who have weight issues (non-medical) usually have addictions to one or more of the False Carb group/s. These are "empty" foods, none/little nutritional value, but very addictive and what most people suffer cravings for (bummer!).
    When my clients are starting to go up the stages, I teach them the True/False catagories, and try help them to stay steer clear of the Falsies as much as poss, purely to help prevent the cravings/addictions returning, which inevitably lead to weight returning.
    Most people know the naughty food/s they're addicted to, and I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but if you want to keep your target weight, you need to knock a lot of the false carbs on the head (pref with a sledgehammer!). Hope that helps in a funny roundabout kinda way!!:giggle:

    Lainey xxx
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  9. clairabellx

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    Hi MB,
    I think the diet makes us make a mental shift - these things are a treat, not for everyday, several times a day (as we would all love to have them). I agree with above too - if ceareal wasn't covered in sugar or spud without butter/cheese, they wouldn't be so bad. You will enjoy proper food again, but you will be able to make sensible food choices instead of responding to cravings caused by 'addiction' to certain foods. Also, good to recognise when craving because you are sad, angry, lonely etc (just some of the emotions that do it for me).
    Best of luck hon - you will feel so much better when weight starts going too, so hang on in there,
  10. bindiboo

    bindiboo Hi its me again

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    slimming world
    hang in there maybe baby

    good luck with your first weigh tomorrow.:)
  11. Eclipse

    Eclipse Gold Member

    I love the true carbs/false carbs theory. I know that I can't eat many carbs, as they just pile on the weight. But these carbs are bread, crisps etc, just as you say! All the processed crap. I might just test your theory, as I have avoided ALL carbs ie potatoes, rice, pasta, breakfast cereals etc. Perhaps it would be a good idea to introduce a new food "group" on a weekly basis and see how it goes. Thanks for the idea, it has really set me thinking.:thinking2:
  12. LAINEY

    LAINEY Cambridge Diet Counsellor

    Thanks Cheryl!
    It was a theory that I made-up when going through a bad food intolerances stage several years ago! The majority of my dreadful diet was banned for 3months until they could monitor the main problem foods. When shopping, the Doc told me to think like a cave-girl!!!! :giggle: He said when trawling through the supermarket aisles, think what foods you could get yourself, without it having been manipulated, processed, or altered by man/factory/machinery! It leaves you with fruits,veggies,meats,fish, and limited dairy. All the foods you need for a healthy balanced diet really!! So to him, it was a no-brainer, but it took me ages to adjust, especially as my diet was soooooo poor back then!!
    It's a rare occurrence to find someone who got to the obese range purely by eating fruits, veg, and lean meats - although I guess it could happen with large portions of fruit.
    The other problem linked to this, is why you eat certain false carbs in the first place - something I've been learning recently! It's way too deep a conversation to bore you with, but fascinating all the same! All good ol' psycology! I thought it was just because I like the blasted foods and they all taste yummy, but it can also be traced back to how we were rewarded, distracted, and what "treats" were given to us as children. :psiholog:
    Will shut-up now and go to bed!!! Good luck with your new attitude toward falsie-carbs!!!

    Lainey xx
  13. sallies

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    cambridge diet
    What a brilliant way of putting the carbs true or false instead of complex or refined well done on that it makes it so much easier to explain to people.
    I for one will allways have to watch the carbs that I eat even the true ones are not so true to me and its a constant battle to maintain and quite hard to lose when carbs are involved. I am impaired glucose tolerant. Take a warning all thats how you could end up if you eat too many false carbs through out your life. Its one step away from diabetes.
  14. That's_So_Fetch

    That's_So_Fetch Gold Member

    Cambridge Diet
    Hey all :wavey: , thank you for the reassurance that everything will be ok. I'm not too bothered about eating crisps, sweets etc as i dont really crave them much. Alhtough i may have a healthy brand of crisps once a week or sumit.:p

    I was more conerned about sandwiches and baked patatoes etc because thats what i like to eat when i meet up with friends etc. I dont have much choice when eating at cafes etc because i can only eat halal food. :rolleyes:

    (This is abit off topic but i would love one of those chicken fajita wraps from boots shapers range. If anyone has a recipie for them, please let me know so i can make it for myself when i can eat properly.)

    But i think i should be ok if i follow CD management.

    Lainey, thank you for your theory. I really like it and i agree with sallies that it is much more easier to understand :D . I will be sure to keep it in mind in the future.

    I am hoping after CD my attitude to food will have changed and i wont crave carbs as much.

    Thank again xx :)
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