Will I go into ketosis?


Hi am new here and been doing the CD for 2 days. Ive just woundering if some one could tell me if i am going to go into ketosis? I had not really heard of it until I came on here. I am on the shakes and bars but also the orange flavouring for water as I hate water. Will the flavouring effect ketosis. Thank you to any one who wishes to help.
Hi!! The water flavourings affect some and not others but my CDC said I couldn't use them till the second week, I believe the amount you use in a day is limited, can't quite remember how much you are allowed though. The bars are higher in carbs so they too can affect ketosis and I couldn't have them till week 3, plus you are only allowed a bar a day. It is all personal though, they affect some and not others so you will just have to wait and see. They say it takes some a day others upto 3 to get into ketosis.

Otherwise all the best. Stick to the diet and it will work.
Thanks bijoux i will leave the bars untill next week. ' Week 1 - 4 -- -27lbs.' Thats a great loss I hope I can follow that. Pete, wow! Your a new man. Thanks for the replies.
Hi Meemini
I was too told that I couldnt have bars for 2 weeks. I started on 1 Jan and by the end of day 2, my ketostix was going a dark salmon colour, which was nice to see as I could see progress.
Like pete said, it wont be long, a week max!
Good luck