Will I wont i? Please guide first time


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Hello there,

this is my very first time posting on a weight loss forum.

I (hate to say) weight at the moment 14 stone exactly and find it hard to lose weight. im 5 ft 10 and 21 yrs old.

I am however going past a milestone lol monday i am joining the gym and will be going 3 times a week maybe 4 and i will eat more healthily e.g. cut out fatty foods.

Now my holiday is in June to sunny spain. Will i be able to get fit and how much weight should i aim to get to by spain :)

Please advise and hello to everyone!

Question is
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Welcome Adam to MiniMins.

My husband is the same height as you and he looks very well between 11st. 3lb and 11st. 7lb. Mind you he is small to medium frame.

Between the gym and healthy eating you could be looking at a monthly weight loss on average of around 6lb to 8lb.

If you are doing well with your healthy eating and building muscle you will probably look very toned and fit at 12 stone.

You will know best yourself when you get there as everyone is so different as age and build do come into it.:)

Commit to doing three days a week at the gym for six weeks and see how you get on as if you overdo it at the beginning you might run out of steam later on.

As your fitness level builds and you begin to see results it will motivate you forward to do more.

Take some before photos now and body measurements.

Set some mini short term goals which are achievable and think of ways to reward yourself with non food treats.

Set yourself up a weight loss tracker and an exercise tracker.

Here is a link that will help you do a tracker...


and a link to help you make your way around.


If you need any help please ask.

Love Mini xxx


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Hiya and welcome xx Good luck


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Hi Adam, welcome to minimins, :wavey:

As for advice, Mini has pretty much said it all mate.