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Will it do any harm to sometimes have a 4th meal?



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Hi hun, its better to have a fourth pack than eat something that will kick you out of ketosis. Have you tried splitting your packs, so that you get two shakes from one pack? Hang on in there it will get better x x
Wow, you have done amazingly well and kept all that weight off. You must be a different person. I love where you stay as well- the most beautiful part of the UK. I'm hopefully coming down there my hols.
BTW do you know if I will still lose weight ok if I take a 4th meal?


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It might slow it down a bit, but you should still lose hun - but try not to do it regularly, if you see what I mean, because you are having a third more than you should really. Its only for emergencies rather than eating. Try splitting the packs first, or adding psyllium husks to make them a bit thicker (but they may make you go to the loo a bit more). Its all experimenting a bit at first, but you will find a balance. You are not very tall either, so 4 packs shouldn't be a regular thing, as it might stop your weight loss if you do it all the time. I am 5' 8" and only ever had three packs a day, but I would split them if I felt I was struggling.

Thank you for your kind words regarding my weight loss, it was hard, but worth it and I love the new "me" x

And yes, Cornwall is beautiful, especially when the sun shines lol x


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Yes Hadley hun, I had it too, its just your body adjusting, but if it continues speak to your LLC or your doctor. If you need any more help, perhaps you should post in the LL section x
oh thankyou,i will keep an eye on it and wont allow it to go on for too long without speaking a professional, its just a bit worrying at first.thankyou for your reply x
Thanks for your advice Cheryl and it's lovely and encouraging to talk to such a real life success story. x
I am still getting very hungry especially when I have the bars but I need to take them when I'm at work. I'm sometimes taking a 4th meal even although I'm only 5' 1''. Does anybody know if this is really bad? Or will it not make much difference?
Hey Broxi - agree with everything Cheryl has said but on top of that I think its the bars that are making you hungry. I dont have them for that reason.

I have tetras at work for ease so that may be an option for you. You can have them as they are or I add 200mls of hot water to the choc one and have a hot choc and its scrummy x

And having a 4th pack regularly will slow your weght loss for sure but as an emergency its ok.

I'm on day one so not one to give advice really, but my CDC suggested that I had an extra pack the first few days and once I'm in the swing of things as and when needed. SS+ has 4 packs and people are still losing a lot of weight on that, so I can't see why it would be an issue on occasion. If you feel you need it every day, it might be better to move up a plan and accept that your losses may slow a little.

I also agree with Jess in that the bars probably don't help. I've never had the CD bars, but when on a low carb diet I found the bars made me hungrier.

Take Care,
Alli x
Hiya all,

Last time I did CD I started having bars and they were my downfall.... the hunger was horrendous. This time round I'm gonna avoid them at all costs!

Thanks everyone and I agree, the bars are definitely making me hungrier. I think I'll just keep them for an emergency eg. I often meet friends in Borders/Starbucks and it's nice to have one then and feel a bit normal.


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wow this is great advise!! I will try and keep away from the bars too, or I could use them as a weekly treat!!

I did open a forth pack last night, as I was very hungry. I just put two teaspoons of the mixture in a mug and added water - late night soup!! I also picked one which I thought I wouldn't like (spicy tomato) so I wouldn't want more of it! I stopped me reaching for something else.

Even if it does slow my weight loss - it means I won't cheat!

LadyB I don't think it slows your weightloss. I asked my cdc and they said only differnce was in cost to myself! I'm only doing it on emergencies though. And not everyone thinks the bars make them hungrier.


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Thanks Broxi! My tummy is rumbling again lol!! I am trying not think about the bars, as it feels like a life time away before I can have one!!

I guess it is much better to stick with the diet than break it.....

And you are doing really well on your weight loss.....

Keep smiling chick!
Thanks, I suppose I'm just tired today and being a bit of a moan xxx


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you are welcome to moan away any time Broxi!! I am sure this forum is for the great days and the ones which aren't so great!
You have helped me in the run up to yesterday, and helped lift my mood yesterday and today!! So I am happy to hear how you are feeling (good or bad)!!

You have had a fab weight loss - 13 lbs! Wow!

I am sending you a big hug!!!

Yea thats true Broxy, just cos one person finds they dont do the trick there are people that do, I used to have a friend who did CD bars and she swore by em!
Thank you, LadyB and Tara- the hug was lovely. I think you just have your up days and your down days on this diet. and nobody said it would be easy. That's why I can do it though because of all the support on this forum! xxx


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If you feel you are hungry then I would say have an extra pack.. or try moving to ss+ I have just started it after 13 weeks of ss but you still can have a good loss on it........

I have a bar 5 days out of 7 and to be honest I dont think it makes any difference to your losses.. but all our bodies are different I guess perhaps try having one every other day and see how you go.


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