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Will it get easier?

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Keep trying five mins will turn to ten etc etc prob need to increase your fitness my OH loves running and he reckons the first two weeks getting into it is the hardest but if you can make it through you'll be flying!! Stick at it maybe just jog or walk fast then build it up:)


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Honestly, take it from me, it will get easier if you stick with it! No one is a naturel runner!!! When i started running, i was awful, i used to be a mess, unable to breath etc and now i run loads! I have cancelled the gym due to being so good at running now.. it really is the best/cheapest execise! Just stick with it, its amazing how fast you get your fittness with it! Each time i run, i actually feel fitter now! About a months ago, i couldnt run for 5 mins without feeling like i was guna drop dead and last week i ran 6 days, 6 miles a day! I can now run for about an hour before having to stop to walk/catch my breath!

Just stick with it!!!!!! XX
I can vouch for how hard it was. Getting into the gym and seeing some of the skinny people running full pelt for miles was a bit daunting when i could only last a few minutes before being out of breath. Absolute nightmare! But keep at it and it gets easier. Just picture it like a weight, you wouldnt expect to be able to lift the heaviest on your first go, but keep working at it and eventually you can do whatever you want.

Someone recomended one minute running and one minute walking to recover, thats the best fat burning method by FAR. It confuses the body into burning more calories, but it is VERY hard. Do a google search for "high intensity running training" and you'll find more information on it.

I never used to be able to run at all, maybe a couple of minutes, but now I'm up to fifteen minutes at quite a steady pace. Still got a long way to go but remember, if you loose weight and continue running it will become easier. Picture it like carrying a back pack. If you run with a heavy backpack on it will be hard. So taking it off makes things easier. Once weight is lost it will become easier :)

Stick at it and you'll be running marathons in no time! :D

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I'm no expert but I think you start by running for 1 minute, walking for 1 minute, doing this for about 10 mins for a week then increase to 12 mins and so on and apparently it gets easier. I've heard so many stories of people who have never run before and start off doing this and by 6 months they are ready to run a marathon!
I'd go with this.

Also, don't up your time by any more than 10% per week if you have no experience of it.

Within a few weeks you'll start to feel that 2nd wind and you'll be flying...


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yes they recommend taylor's method when training for the marathon. I too found it difficult at first, but have now built up to ten mins in a short space of time.


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running is tough but dont ya love when the lap is finished so much quicker than if ya walk it - i only started runing last week - but i am getting a buzz out of it ...cant run for the full2.5 k straight yet but i have knocked minutes of my time as the walking in between gets less! cant imagine 26,4 miles but like its all positive steps!!! keep her lit! :D
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Im gona be starting this method this weekend. I tried b4 xmas but the weather got the better of me and I cudn make myself go out. I wana jog for the womens mini marathon!!!


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Come and see us on the excercise section. There is a thread on c25k (with a link to the website) which is a programme to get you running 5k in 9+ weeks from no experience. It gets you building up from 60 sec jogs interspersed with walking/recovery time. I've started off with zero fitness level and am really enjoying it, on week 2 now.


running strictly on fat!
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What an interesting thread - I might actualy start running (never thought I'd ever be able to...)


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