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will it matter?

The more water you drink the better the diet is for you. Is there anyway you can have a little before you go then make up for it when you get there?


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We went to Scotland for 10 days in week 10 and I did cut right down on my water for most of the week as we were travelling quite long distances most days. In the evenings when we got back I did try to drink a lot to make up for it but only managed about 3litres on a good day. I felt fine. What I would say though is drink as much as you can when you can and get straight back onto 4 litres a day when you get home . . . I didn't manage that and by the third week of not drinking enough was feeling very dizzy and ill. Am fine now I have got back up to 4+ litres a day though!


Just one day at a time
A man at my Hubby's meeting was on jury service and could not drink ANY water. He still lost but not a much.

I am sure that it won't matter for one day.

Well done on your 16lbs xx

I have just returned from a camping holiday in Dorset - a 6hour plus drive away. I also didn't want to have to stop at every service station so loaded with water from early morning and then stopped 2 hours before the journey. Then I just have sips for the drive (got about 500mls down) still had to stop twice though. Felt a bit rubbish when I got there but then downed loads because I was so thirsty. Thought I would be fine then - but then the rest of the week the weather was so rubbish that I didn't want to have to leave the tent to go to the toilet block so barely drank 2 litres a day and hardly any at night. Result - lowest weightloss so far this week and felt very hungry for a couple of days afterwards.
I think if it is just the journey that will be an issue - then just try to make up the water when you arrive (you will prob be thirsty enough by then to down a good litre or so). It is not ideal as you are supposed to drip feed your system with water to keep it ticking over - not starve it of water and then drown it - but if the alternative is not getting through your full 4 litres - and it affecting your weightloss - I think it is the lesser evil.

Hope this helps

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