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Will My B Shape Belly Go?


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As the title asks, I have a B shape belly and at the moment, I feel like even if I get to say 9 stone, it's still going to be there. Will it ever disappear? I want this horrible apron of fat to go.
I'll hopefully not get the nasty apron of loose skin when I've lost the weight but given the size I got to and the fact I've also had a baby, I don't know if my skin is able to snap back.
I hope it goes because it's probably the worst part about being fat. :(
Is there any hope for me losing it naturally or am I likely to need surgery?
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Hi abbie hopefully it will shrink back naturally, then you can do toning exercises. Ive noticed as Ive lost weight in some places my skin looks deflated but then after a while it seems to recover if this makes sense? I think its the speed at which we lose, it takes longer for the skin to catch up. Hope this helps xxx
Hi Abbie
Don't be too hard on yourself luv - you just had a baby 6 months ago!! They say it takes a year for your body to recover from childbirth, especially after your first. With this, as well as your fantastic weight loss - I'd say you'll loose the tum with a bit of toning up, when you feel ready for it.


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Abbie hun it will go- dont be so hard on yourself. I was exactly the same a couple of years ago when I had my little boys. Your skin will shrink with you but it does take exercise to notice a difference in the tummy!!

I weighed 12st After I had my son, took me I'd say a full year for some weight to drop off and my body to even remotely feel normal again.

Now I'm 6lbs away from my pre pregnacy weight and for the past 2 months I've been doing stomach exercise twice a day and I've noticed a huge difference- my lower tummy is still a little soft but no loose skin and I can feel very strong ab muscles under it lol

I do 50 sit ups, 30 leg lifts and 2 pilates positions for 60 secs each morning and night- whole lot only takes 5 mins- it really has made a big difference.

Best of luck hun and remember why you tummy is like that!! Cause you have a very special man in your life- give me that over a flat tummy anyday xxxx
Abbie you're only a girl so if you lose the weight, exercise and moisturise, your skin will eventually pop back, don't worry about it!


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Hi hun. I havnt had a baby but my B belly has gone and im only down to 11.5stone. Everyone is different but i bet u u will loose it for sure!! I do put cream on from time to time to help with the skin and do the odd crunch and suck in style exercises. X


Dieting & Mummy To Ethan
Thanks for all your advice ladies, I'll try doing the 5 minute exercises that Retail Chick mentioned. Any specific cream to use? I still have my Bio Oil from when I was pregnant, might that work?

I was going to suggest Bio Oil Abbie, I'm going to get some more to use for when my scar heals as it's brilliant but its also great for stretch marks and as a general moisturiser. I really wouldn't worry too much providing that you don't put the weight back on and stretch your skin AGAIN! Like I said before, age really is on your side sweetheart! When you're an old bird like me is the time to worry:eek:


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Bio Oil is fab. I've got 2 boys who were rather large at 8lb 1 and 9lb 9, and I think it helped avoid a lot of the stretch marks. Have also used it for scars that I've had after surgery - 2 on ankle and a 9 inch one across my stomach when I had my gall bladder removed.

I think you'll be fine at your age though hun, and are likely to spring back into shape :) I know when I lost weight during my 20's it was fine. When I lost weight in my 30's there was a bit of sagging (that was post babies mind - had my first at 28 and second at 31). I'm almost 39 now and am expecting a bit more sagging :-/



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Good for you hun the exercises do help I swear!! If I could figure out how to upload a picture to this thing I'd send you a picture to prove it lol

Bio Oil is fab, I'd really recommend cocoa butter aswell, its reall great. Another cream that is absolutely amazing is Strivectin- honestly it really tones the skin and you can hardly see my stretch marks- I got a couple on my lower tummy when I was pregnant!! The only thing is its very expensive :( however it lasts for months and you just need to apply a pea sized amount 3 times a day.

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