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Will my crash diet kill me? Channel 4

big bear

A bear on a mission!
I think it's interesting because it just shows us how bad they are & make us positive we're a a fab new eating plan!!

big bear

A bear on a mission!
What's the name of that exercise class the black lady in London is going to? It's got mini trampoline & looks interesting..
Big bear I was wondering that too hee hee
I'm watching it my friend is obsessed with fad diets so I've told her she has to watch it too then come to SW
I know people who have done those milkshake diets and they end up putting more weight back on than they lost!! The quicker it comes off, the quicker it goes back on
Oh that is SO SO SO untrue :mad: Have you never seen anyone gaining all their SW weight back?? If you actually look around Minimins youll see hundreds of people doing VLCDs and having just as much success keeping the weight off as anyone on SW or WW does.

Its not how you lose the weight its the habits you adopt once youve lost it that determines how successful you are.

Oh and theyre not milk shakes, theyre shakes which are packed with nutrients and vitamins. Its a food replacement diet not a crash diet and is medically approved too. Actually some people even get one of them on a form of prescription.
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I'm enjoying the show too :)
Oh that is SO SO SO untrue :mad: Have you never seen anyone gaining all their SW weight back?? If you actually look around Minimins youll see hundreds of people doing VLCDs and having just as much success keeping the weight off as anyone on SW or WW does.
Only commenting on the people I know who have tried them. They obviously didnt change their eating habits after they did the diet
Clearly they didnt but honestly you look at the inspirational slide show on here or look at any of the VLCD forums and there are people who have lost huge amounts of weight and kept it off and years later are still as slim. And as I said in another thread recently, how often have you seen a thread on SW with someone returning having put weight on. Not SW fault they gained - its theres

Theyre hard going but worth it if its the route you feel you have to take. Ive lost 6 stones in 5 months and plan to go back to WW when Im nearer goal but I have learned a lot about healthy eating and will work up the stages when Im coming off it so I dont have any gains.

I think its very unfair putting a VLCD in the same catagory as a cabbage diet - theyre poles apart

But really, proper VLCDs like CD/LL/Exante are just as successful as any 'conventional' diet :)
The VLCD do involve an element of learning how to eat healthily again even know they are meal replacements, you could be armed with all the information in the world it's just what you do with it. There are lots of people on VLCD boards who are succesfull and have learn't to balance their eating again. The way the media make people believe certain things really grate on me, the shakes are forified with mega amounts of vitamins. They are scientifically proven to be safe otherwise doctors wouldn't be able to sign you off to be able to do it.

I would love to have the will power but I know I wouldn't hence why I have taken the scencic route.
Great post, Allie

I only caught the last 10 minutes of the programme. I did think the woman wearing the basque had some very unstable looking boobs!!

Can't wait to see it next week.

It does annoy me that VLCD's are portrayed as being unhealthy crash diets, when as Starlight says, they are closely monitored to ensure that they provide everything the body needs and educate about healthy eating habits.


Mad old Bat with Attitude
The thing that stood out for me was the cost :eek: I reckon SW comes in at half the price. I wasn't impressed by the counsellor either. Maybe she was nervous, but she didn't seem that confident as to her answers. And I wouldn't want either extreme constipation, "take a laxative" or the trots, "if you want to pass wind don't do it till you get to the toilet"!!
Are you by any chance a counsellor Starlight?
Yea, I watched it as I had doubts about VLCD's - I do find it difficult to comprehend how they can be good for you BUT I know people who have done them, and it's worked for them. I did think about doing one but was advised against for health reasons, and like Allie, think I've coped much better doing the scenic route.

It's all well and good to say that people will put the weight all back on once they finish, but that's only if they don't follow the program all the way to the very end - and there are enough people on the SW boards who have had to come back after regaining the weight they lost.

On the other hand...the MAple Syrup Diet? WTF???

what channel was this on? i would like to see it.

I had contemplated doing a VLCD before i joined SW in 2009 - but i know 2 people who have lost weight doing a shake plan, and the side effects worried me. My friend lost some of her hair! I know this is an extreme side effect, but i think i will just stick to slow and steady on Sw.

Starlight - may i ask why you swapped from WW to a VLCD? x

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