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Will power and Sabotage!


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work rant ahead warning!
posted this in the general forum too cause I'm a wee bit miffed lol

I've been on my diet for 3 weeks and I'm now in my 4th, I'm really enjoying it so far to be honest. Everyday that I go into work there is always a whole cake on the go, they order coffee's from a nearby shop and there is a massive biscuit tin thats never empty. And everyday they offer me some.

I'm really proud of myself because so far I've said no and managed to avoid cake and biscuits altogether. But recently it's really getting me down, not the actual food but a few people have been a bit mean. One lady keeps making comments like "I suppose you're not having any" and saying it like I'm being absurd. Then yesterday there was cheesecake (my one cake weakness!) I wanted a slice mucho but I still said no, then they cut me a slice put it in front of me and said "oh well we've cut it now" EVEN after I'd said no. GRRRRR! I don't mind them offering because I know they're just being polite but I thought this was just mean! Am I overreacting?

I still didn't eat the cheesecake by the way, I gave it to the security guard
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I had the same thing where I used to work. My old boss even used to put it on a napkin and put it on my desk! They are jealous - pure and simple.

I found the satisfaction of p/ssing them off by not having any was much more satisfying than giving in and eating it (and them winning!) You keep going girl.


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i agree different sit for me same prob,i have lost -49 and my husband is one of them skinny gits that can eat anything and not put on an ounce,if i have told him once i have told him a thousand times not to offer me anything he is eating,e.g he will eat a steak pasty next to me and offer me a bite,or when we are out he will go to the chippy and ask me if i want chips i say no but he brings me a bag (dont have security guard but have dog ha ha ) i then argue with him and say dont you want a thin attractive wife stop trying to tempt me,like my mother always said they like to look at dolly birds when they are out but like a fat dependeble wife to scrub their undies and clean for them at home,well his comments about food makes me all the more determind to keep going and i have had a couple of looks off men already and the boost was great its not i want to stray i have been married 18 years to pete and been fat for 17 (since he got me pregnant twice ha) and the only men who checked me out were as old as my dad, keep your chin up and as long as you say no to the girls they are going to be the ones pi**ed when you turn up all slinky while they are getting fatter on cake you go girl luv angie x
Can I just say, well done you on resisting their nasty temptations. You are doing so well.

Let them eat their cake and biscuits and pile on the pounds. You are going to be gorgeous and slim before long.

They are only jealous that you are able to be in control of what goes in your mouth and that is why they are trying to sabotage it for you.

Keep up the good work hun. You are a star and deserve a medal.

Charlie xx
Well done on resisting. I had the same problem initially with people at work 'Oh go on just have a bit' then Id get 'but you can count it in your points' Well I dont want to cos its a waste when I know what I CAN have.

However, its stopped now, its accepted I wont take cakes etc :) The guys on the shift now bring me in nice coffees etc and one of them was leaving and said 'I know you dont do cakes, do you drink wine' Damn tooting I do, so I got a wee miniature bottle of wine :)

Just ignore them, persevere and let them see youre serious and hopefully theyll back off. Well done on resisting that cheesecake though :)


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Well done for resisting all temptation not easy when someone puts your favourite cheesecake in front of you.

It shows how determined you are to get to goal.

I think some people like to see how serious you are about your diet and this is why they go out of their way to do these things.

I know that when I am doing well on my diet it is the very time I find people buying me my favourite chocolates out of the blue.:eek:

"Nothing tastes as good as slim does"

Love Mini xxx


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that is pretty nasty of them, as if youhave toeat it cause they say so... well done tho dont think id have that much willpower if it was infront of me. although i have had the will power before and you do get soo much more satisfaction if you dont take it.... rather than the guilt and feeling let down if you do. its a nicer feeling!! :)
well done for resisting. i love cheesecake especially strawberry mm...!!!! they prob just see you trying to loose weight and are a bit jealous and trying to annoy you by putting food under your nose like that. Just ignore it and keep doing what your doing :) your doing brill xx
Well done on resisting, what kept you motivated to saying no?
My mum lives with me, and I have temptation every moment I leave my room! Her usual comment is, but it is only little it wont hurt (i.e. a slice of cake, bag of crisps, naughty pud, dinner etc that is usually over 700 cal LOL) Alas she brought me up like that hence my size, and it is only now I can see the big damage those 'little' bits made - she has even done it to our dog who is now huuuggge.
I initially start by saying no, but after 30 mins of knowing its in the cupboard or fridge, my resolve does flounder if its uber yummy.
How about we post some stratgies we could all use to help us resist when in this kind of situation? I usually take the dog for a walk, then I know we are both getting some exercise and avoiding the food :)


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i try to keep in my mind what i will look like when i loose the weight, then think of what i look like now. helps sometimes but im not that great with willpower!! :rolleyes:
Good plan - i have a google home page where it has a virtual weight loss model of me! It shows me at the start, current and end. Its only cartoony but it does make me stop n think!
I try to think about how crap I know I'm going to feel if I eat it. Nothing is so yummy that could be worth that feeling of being really disappointed in myself, I hate that!
With having two children and a H2B who is really slim there are always goodies in my house. My attitude is; I am doing this diet for me and no one else, if I eat some of those goodies and I do not lose any weight it is me and only me who is depressed when the scales are going the wrong way. To keep motivated I remind myself of why I want to be slim. I know that I will never be able to eat what my other half does because my metabolism is not like his and I do not burn it off.

No I am at goal weight I have naughty food if I want to, but then I am good for the rest of the week - hence why I more often than not stay the same now.

Good luck to you all, keep your goal in mind and remember you are doing this for you and stuff everyone else who are trying to sabotage you.
You have fantastic willpower and they are just utter cows for trying to tempt you like that. You should be proud of yourself. Well done ;)

Lissy xx

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