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Will someone tell me to step away from the scales!

Jo B

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I am obsessed - was having a thin day yesterday and was feeling really good till I got home, stepped on the scales and didn't seem to have lost anything since last Thursday (when I get officially weighed). Now it isn't going to make me lapse but I then get really disheartened that I won't lose as much in foundation as I want. It's not healthy! I know all about only getting weighed once a week at the same time as that is my true weight but I just can't stop myself!
Does anyone else have the same problem?
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although I am a fine one to talk as have been a serial weigher all the way through however as you become more relaxed about the weekly weightloss and look at the bigger picture more it will become easier to stay away from them a bit more .... I got to the point where I would only weigh on offical WI day so I wouldn't be too dissapointed if it was not such a big loss and I was prepared. Try to start weighing less per week than you normally do and build it up!

Good luck! x


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I am a serial weigher too. Morning and night during the week and at every opportunity on a weekend!!!! Because i do it so often I tend to know that I am awlays lighter on a morning and a bit heavier on a night. I always finds that it helps rather than hinders. If it's showing a good loss then it spurs me to carry on but if there is no loss or even a gain then I know that I have to push myself a little harder in the gym or drink more water.

I don't think I could go without weighing at home cos if I didn't know where I was weight wise, I might think, well I could have this and I could have that so it does help me. But each to their own.

Good luck at your weigh in x x

Blonde Logic

Yes. You can.
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I didn;t have that problem, because I removed my scales. ITs that easy. Get rid of them if they are going to upset you - you know logically the solution, so put it into action Mrs!

STEP AWAY NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D


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i got rid of mine too.
i find it much better to wait til the weekly weigh in then its a surprise.

i do have a wii fit,which weighs me- but go on it so rarely it doesn't count.

try putting them in your shed or somewhere for a week and see if you feel better about it

daisy x


Playing the Angel
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I am also weighing too often, but like Becky I find it spurs me on, I know I should also just use it as a guide, so Consider what I weigh on the scale at class to be my true weight. Like Becky I am also lighter in the morning than the evening, it took me a week to work it out but now I realised that is just how my body is. I am making an effort to weigh less often though.


Mr Creosote

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"Will someone tell me to step away from the scales!"

JoB...Step away from the scales.

I have made a point that on this particular attempt to lose weight [there have been thousands] I will do things differently. Part of that difference is to only check my weight during my weekly weigh in's.

I think a way of being successful at this is to do things differently than we have in the past. I am sure we have all tried many many diets in the past.

The old saying, do the same things and the same things will happen.


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If it's affecting you negatively, then yes, don't get on your scales and put them away for the duration.

I am consciously doing the opposite though. When I start to put on weight, that's usually when I stop weighing myself and go into deep denial! I am weighing myself every evening and every morning, that way I can be under absolutely no illusions that I'm gaining and can nip it in the bud as quickly as possible. I have decided that I will never put away my scales and will always be totally aware of what's happening with my weight. This means that I can't ignore the scales for a week or so and tell myself that "I'll get back on it on Monday". I have nothing to 'get back on', as this is now my way of life. If I have thought the scales are rising, I am particularly careful the next day, so they don't affect me negatively.

Just my opinion as I know a lot of people are against weighing themselves apart from offical weigh in day.
Not me

I don't own any scales.
I used to just get weighed at LL weigh ins and I still go back for that every week, not tomorrow as it's Bank Holiday.
Our weight fluctuates constantly throughout the day and week, I would have become too despondent if it went up and maybe over confident when it was down. Once a week is just right for me otherwise there's a danger of becoming obsessed..
Worked for me, but everyone is different.


...we're sinking deeper.
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Never weigh yourself AT THE END OF THE DAY! Everyone's different as well, water retention is different, everything really depends on what you've had to eat over the course of the last 2-3 days as well (maybe there's much 'waste' moving through your body as well!), and whatever you've had in the day to eat/drink can fluctuate weight very easily too.

Still even knowing all this - I still get displeased when I know I've done everything by the book and the scales are telling me I've done wrong! :eek:
That's why I keep my WI to once a week - at LL at the moment, and will be on Monday mornings ONLY when I finish RTM for general monitoring purposes.

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