Will this affect my weight loss???

Discussion in 'Lipotrim Forum' started by dd26, 6 April 2009 Social URL.

  1. dd26

    dd26 Full Member

    I have had a really stressful few days and just haven't been able to face having my shakes.
    I have never been like this before. Usually if I am stressed (or any other emotion come to think of it) I comfort eat.
    But I have just had no appetite. I had one shake on Saturday, two Sunday and two today.
    Will this put my body into starvation mode and stop me losing weight?
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  3. JanD

    JanD maintaining since June'09

    I'm afraid that IS possible ..... you must be drinking ... if you can't face a shake in 250mls make it with quite a bit more water so it's a thinner longer drink. You'd still have to drink it within 15 mins though. If I were you I'd make it with 250 and knock it back - you HAVE to look after yourself or you'll be ill - never mind not losing! x

    (Lecture over :))
  4. dd26

    dd26 Full Member

    Thanks :) It isn't that I found them too thick, I ve just been streesed out and feeling sick constantly.
    Feeling slightly better tonight though and I am going to make sure I have all 3 from now on - just haven't been able to face them over the last few days. Weigh in on Weds - hope it doesn't have too much of a detrimental effect :(
  5. JanD

    JanD maintaining since June'09

    Fingers crossed!! and glad you're feeling better! x
  6. Elle-Emm

    Elle-Emm Gold Member

    just persevere... you definitely need the nutritional value of ALL 3 shakes every day.

    best of luck and let us know how you get on over the next couple of days.
  7. dd26

    dd26 Full Member

    Thanks, I will!
  8. dd26

    dd26 Full Member

    Aaaaarrrrggghhh, still only managed two shakes. Don't know what is up with me but finding it really hard to get back on track :(
    Weigh-in in the morning - not looking forward to it!
  9. Yorkshire Adam

    Yorkshire Adam Gold Member

    its so important to have the right out amount of shakes as your body needs the nutrients so you must as hard as it maybe

    hope all is well and better
  10. kered

    kered Gold Member

    You will only make yourself ill. One of the girls I know who is on lipotrim was only taking 2 sachets, after 2 weeks she caught a virus and was off work for nearly 2 weeks, had to eat and gained weight, and was really run down by lacking in the essential vitamins and nutrients your body needs.
    If you are finding them too thick, add more water, but you must start to take your 3 shakes a day or you could undo all the good you have done if you get ill.
  11. Goreygirl

    Goreygirl Gold Member


    Sorry to hear you are having a tough few days. When we are under stress our body goes a bit basic on us; it thinks your life is in physical danger and so gears up for the "fight or flight" response which is a state of preparation for sudden physical activity. So blood flow is directed from "non essential" services such as digestion (hence the nausea), concentration, memory, hair, skin etc to the large muscles via adrenalin which makes your heart beat faster to get the blood moving there. Unfortunately the more this state persists (i.e. you feel stressed) the more the brain thinks "i'm right to do this, look she is still telling me she needs more" and so the cycle emerges. Bear in mind originally this response was only originally designed for very short response periods when you would haev been physically active so wouldn't have noticed the physical sensations. Usually we find passive methods to reassure ourself, food etc but these are only ever temporary and don't really remove the underlying trigger.

    The answer? A series of deep breaths etc; physically it tells the mind you have enough oxygen so starts switching of the response mechanism (think of smokers who say they feel better after a cigarette.. the deep inhale has something to do with it). The power of telling yourself it is all OK and you can cope is also understated. Have a look at MIND.org at their anxiety pages for some tricks and also livinglifetothefull.com is an excellent website if you are feeling a bit low and want to explore behaviour changes to break old pattern.

    Good luck - it will pass!

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  12. Goreygirl

    Goreygirl Gold Member


    How are you doing? Feeling any better?
  13. dd26

    dd26 Full Member

    Yeah, thanks so much for your message, was really helpful :)
    I weighed in today and lost 6 1/2 lbs so doesn't look like it affected my weight loss, which I was worried about.
    So far today I have just had two shakes but I'm going to take my third to bed as a hot chocolate! Determined to have all three everyday this week because I know I need the nutrients and want to keep my metabolism chugging along!
  14. Goreygirl

    Goreygirl Gold Member


    Glad to hear your feeling better and congrats on the weigh in :)
  15. JanD

    JanD maintaining since June'09

    Well done! That's great! xx
  16. dd26

    dd26 Full Member

    Thanks Jan :)
  17. kered

    kered Gold Member

    Great to hear it, well done on your loss.

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