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    Hello all. :)

    I'm hoping to lose weight, a lot of it, and I'm looking for a good way to exercise.

    I don't want to a gym because I dont want to go to a gym where it'll cost me £230 for 6 months.

    So I'm going to do it at home. :) I've got an exercise bike tucked away which I will use.

    How much will be enough? I want to lose around 9 stone (I did say i need to lose a lot :):rolleyes::().

    I am planning of doing an hour of it a day of normal pace to fast pace every Monday-Friday.

    Will this be enough? How many calories will I lose on average per session? Along with healthy living, how much will I lose each week averagly? :)

    Thank you! :D
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    I'd reckon for an hour a day, you'll be looking at roughly 500 calories per hour at a moderate pace, which will equate to 3500 per week (assuming you do it every day) which will work out at 1lb of fat burned in a week. Add this to a good calorie deficit eating plan should allow you to lose approx. 3lbs per week, which would be excellent.

    Alternatively, you could try interval training, which should get you the same sort of calorie burn in less time (or far more in the same time!).

    Like this plan from Mens Health magazine:

    • On your bike
    • An American Journal of Clinical Nutrition study found men who completed a 20-week schedule of interval training lost nine times more fat than a control group doing straight endurance training. So saddle up, locate MTV Base on that little rubber screen and complete this 30-minute fat-ravaging ride.

    • 0-2 mins
    • Warm-up gently at an RPE (Rate of Perceived Exertion) of 4/10. Switch to a sports channel on the gym TV if you need motivation. Just don't try to keep up if they're showing the Olympic cycling qualifiers.

    • 2-6 mins
    • 4x20 second high-intensity sprints (RPE 9/10) with a pedal speed of 100rpm to elevate your heart rate as quickly as possible. Follow each effort with 40 seconds recovery (RPE 4/10), seated throughout. See? It's possible to get fit without even standing up.

    • 6-18 mins
    • 4x60 second high-intensity efforts (RPE 9/10) with a speed of 90rpm, standing for the first 30 seconds to work more muscle and raise your heart rate to 160-170bpm. After each, a 2 minute seated recovery (RPE 5/10).

    • 18-30 mins
    • 4 minute high-intensity (RPE 9/10) standing hill-climbs (crank up the resistance until your speed is around 60rpm) followed by 2 minute recoveries (RPE 5-6/10), again out of the saddle. BMX Bandits daydreams (and accessories) optional.
    Burn blubber :: Burn Fat Fast :: Mens Health
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    Slimming World
    Don't forget that if you build muscle mass through excersize, your body will naturally burn more calories even when you are not excersizing - which is a brilliant reason to excersize.

    Also since you have so much to lose, your body will be using more calories at the moment naturally.

    My boyfriend started at 27 stones and has lost over 5 stones. He still wants to lose another four. It *is* possible and don't give up.

    I would strongly recommend doing a good eating plan too. I love slimming world because I never need to be hungry.

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    Healthy eating/calorie counting

    What she said basically lol. Perfectly summed up.

    If you have a lot to lose, you'd definitely lose more each week than an average joe.

    But all I'd say is, although it may be enough, would you stick with it? By that I mean, people tend to buy treadmills and bikes, because they think it's easy or whatnot, but then they get bored and lose motivation and the weight comes back on. Establish a plan or routine. Make it fun for you. Do something you enjoy. If you do love riding a bike, then good on you. All i'd say is, try and think of a plan b, just in case you get sick of it, or want a bit of a change. I'm speaking from experience. :)
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    Hi always remember with any exercise plan is too change it after a while as the body gets used to what we do.Find sonething you will like as thats why exercise falls to the side and we stop.
    I stared off at 17st 4 and Im doing weightwatchers,week 4 I started on a treadmill second hand one at home for 4 weeks 30 mins a day 3mph then in week 8 I started wii just dance the fast ones for 30 mins after the treadmill 6 days a week I did this to week 18 then I started a zumba class now I do 2-3 zumba classes a week and 1-2 combat aerobic classes a week,TBH the treadmills boring but it got my fitness level off the ground.I hope to do one aquafit soon and one less zuma just so I change it.
    I can honestly say I love zumba so its helped me carry on .
    Good luck with your weightloss and exercise plan xx
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