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Addicted to Minimins!
:D I've exercised my willpower today! First day back on ss and i've been baking - and not just your run of the mill cakes, triple chocolate brownies with fudge icing!! I'd promised the girls i was going to make them and i knew i'd get moaned at if i didn't do them. I've not licked my fingers (even though they were covered in goo), licked the spoon, or had a taste of any sort!
Aren't i good! *pats self on back* :rotflmao:
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That's brilliant Rayven - not sure I would have had the same willpower. Like HM says - please send some my way too!lol


Addicted to Minimins!
:vibes::vibes::vibes: Sending positive vibes your way gals!!!
Won't be long before we're all looking like supermodels!! (well i personally don't wanna be that skinny but you know what i mean )
well done you,know what u mean about temptation,im a cook for a childrens nursery ,so do all yummy food including my fav angel delight,used to eat the ones where the kids not turned up,but now i bin them straight away.....

Deb G

Silver Member
Well done - you're making me more inspired by the minute!
wow, way to go, it's soooo difficult, especially in the beginning and you've done brilliantly not to give in to temptation.

fantastic, well done.

xx sj xx


Addicted to Minimins!
Awwwww thanks girls! Not really hungry even though its only day one. However the OH just got home and usually the minute he walks in the door the food comes out and the eating starts! He loves his food as much as i do!
So i think it could be a case of a hot bath, nail painting, chatting on here and an early night tonight - just to make sure i get through day 1!

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