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Some days at work i get offered a choccy biscuit and I manage to say, "No thanks, I'm dieting." other days I reply, "Oh, go on then. Just the one."

I know this is 'just willpower' or a lack of it... but does anyone know how willpower works? Maybe, if I knew that, I'd be able to control it better; rather than it control me. If you catch my drift.
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Good question Dave.

Did you know that willpower diminishes the more you use it? It's only a very short term commodity not to be test too much ;)

I think most people would say to remove the temptation so it doesn't get used up so quickly. I'll go along with it to a point.

So what can keep people going if willpower is in such short supply? Commitment I guess. Knowing what to do when temptation arises and you want to give in.

Being committed enough to the programme to refuse despite what you think you want that present moment. Just refuse anyway so to speak.

Knowing what you really want in the long term, and constantly reminding yourself of it :)

Remembering a lot of it is a habit. A packet of biscuits pass by and through years and years of exercise, our brains switch on the programme that says "take it and eat".

Of course, we can reprogramme the mind that says "biscuits pass by = biscuits passing by" :D

The more you practice that route, the better you get at it. You invent a different ritual.


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I have the same problem but I've started taking a piece of fruit with me for break instead. Not the same as choccy bics but I do like feeling smug lol. The "thank you" chocs patients bring me are another story though..... :(

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All tied in with addictive eating. Read "Eating Less" by Gillian Riley (buy from Amazon) tells you all about it and gives you ways to deal with it. Can't recommend it highly enough!


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i just finished a book, "Over eating, Over drinking, Over thnking" That was insightuful too.

Good point KD. Certianly committment is the key for me. Commitment to myself to be the best that i can be.

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