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wine+exercise=weight gain


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Hi there, I am only doing my second week on SW, now being a re-starter for the second time but am finding going without my evening glass of wine really hard. I'm not some major alcie but once the kids are in bed, the chores are done and have my alone time, I sit with a glass of wine and read a book or watch tv. However I followed the plan super strictly last week, having my nightly glass a
using my syns and I did loads of exercise (gym twice and 2 x 5 mile runs) and only lost a pound. I always thought that as long as I did lots of exercise it would make up for my glass of wine of an evening but when I spoke to some girls in the class they said I was doing too much exercise and would probably put on weight or lose just a little. How is this????? I love my exercise and refuse to give it up but do SW + exercise go together and am I going to have to sacrafice my glass of wine (or 2), my only treat to shift the pounds???
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I must admit that I get a bit annoyed when people say that they have lost 'only' a pound. I don't know how much you were expecting but 1 or 2lbs a pounds is pretty much normal and the recommended amount to aim for each week. It's two packs of butter that are not on your body any more so celebrate your success rather than bemoaning your perceived lack of weight loss. As long as you measure and count your wine from your syn allowance then there is no reason not to continue having it. And exercise is great for you so don't feel you have to give that up either. Just make sure that you up your water intake as your muscles can retain fluid in the early days if you are unused to exercise.
if you don't want to use so many syns on it Eisberg do lovely alcohol free wines at 1 syn for 125ml glass. Depends on whether you want the kick or just the taste and atmosphere.


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I also like a glass or 2 of wine and I have come to terms with the fact that I will just lose the weight slower than I maybe would if I didn't drink
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Doing that much exercise , assuming you'd not been doing that much before for a while, results in the large muscle groups in your legs retaining water.
I am well known for my glass of wine, (or 3!) If I don't drink at all then the weight rolls off! But life has to be bearable. I do however find that if I restrict alcohol to fridays and saturdays then I will still lose well. It's up to you, I would rather have more than one glass, and I like to rest my liver during the week. The other thing is that I tend to nibble after I've had some!
Get your tape measure out as it's a far better guage of how your body's responding to exercise than the scales.
I agree with judimac. With all that exercise you may be losing fat and gaining muscle - which is of course a good thing! Keep at it, you are doing really well!


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OMG will have to try out that Eisberg wine!! Note to self to check next time I'm in Morrisons!


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can you tell me where to find the syn value if Eisberg wine as this is all I can find
Basic/Non Branded Foods White wine, alcohol free 175ml

2½ Syns on Extra Easy
Original 2½ Syns
Green 2½ Syns

so it would be between 1.5-2 syns on that calculation


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Eisberg wine is 2 syns per glass for 142ml or 1 syn for 125 ml.


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I'm the same as judimac - one glass isn't enough for me so I tend to stay alcohol free during the week and have a decent drink at the weekend by saving up my syns to do so.

Also although you may not be losing quickly, chances are your clothes will start feeling looser quicker as you tone up - keep at it, I'm just too lazy for the gym!!


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Alcohol is definitely going to be my weakness; I'm such a stereotypical student! (Although, now that I'm graduating, I think I'll be going out much less!)

I always find it difficult to go out with my friends and stick to Diet Coke, but I managed it last night at the Green Day gig, and I felt much better for it. It's nice to have a couple of drinks now and again though. I think if you follow Judimac's advice though, you might notice a physical change rather than a weight change, which would be just as good! :D

The World Cup is proving to be the biggest temptation right now!


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well done on the weight loss! that's great!

it infuriates me when people say that when you exercise you might not lose as quickly! what a croc!! keep up the exercise,it's so fabulous for your body.

why don't you try just having one glass of wine every other night? i think it's moer of a habit at the mo, once you break it you'll be fine!


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If I'm having wine, I have half the amount I normally would, and top it up with diet lemonade, or other mixers - seems to have the same effect!

Eeek! Talking of wine, my Nanna just walked in and handed me a bottle of white wine! >.<
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Unfortunately for me drinking alcohol always results in a STS or a gain :eek:

Last weekend I had one 1/2pt of cider in the pub followed by 2 glasses of diet coke, even though I counted the syns and stuck to the plan 100% I STS :(

This happens everytime, no matter what diet I am doing, very annoying!

However, you have to let you hair down occasionally and I just have to prepare myself.

This time though since joining SW knowing what the result will be at weigh-in I have still stuck to plan. When I did WW I always thought "well if I'm going to gain, what's the point?"
Asda seems to be the best place to get nthe Eisberg.They stock white,red and rose.Only seen white in our Morrisons /Tesco. I put the food values through the calculator for the syns.


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hi, i aren't on slimming world anymore i do RC now and they say there that even if you don't drink alot as i always stick to vodka and diet coke it's the effect it has on your body as it slows your metabolism down for up to 4 days after, i haven drunk for three week now and in the first two week i lost half a stone bearing in mind my weight loss has been in ones and two's i can't get over what a difference it has made. Just thought i would bob in and stick my two penneth in lol I know it's hard not to drink but the results are worth it and i LIKE a drink.

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