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Wine Wagon...


Always comes back to MMs!


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how much did you have? i miss wine. i REALLY need wine now, and it's 11am.


Always comes back to MMs!
2 glasses Friday night.... about 10 glasses saturday.....! *Ashamed*!!


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did you syn them? don't worry, draw a line and start a fresh! i'm sure you enjoyed them!

how was you not comatose after 10 wines?! haha!


Always comes back to MMs!
I know! It's amazing I was able to get home... hangover yesterday was dreadful!! I did syn them and have behaved since... still feel so rough today lol :)


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i bet you do! i would too! banana's help hangovers x


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I've struggled with not being able to drink much wine whilst on SW. I'm sure it's doing my body the world of good but I do miss it. I could have a glass every evening but prefer to use my syns for foody things so only have 1 or at the most 2 glasses a week now. I've bought myself a box of it so that i don't keep opening bottles and wasting them.
omg I fell off the wine wagon big time at weekend it started on Thurs with my birthday then carried on to Fri for hubbys birthday and our weekend away with mates and by Monday night we had got through 7 bottles of red wine and lot of gin and slimline tonic eeekkk
i usualy have some wine at the weekend but overdid it when sainsburys had 25% off for six bottles drank 4 over the weekend so promised myself none last weekend and managed it the last 2 bottles are in the fridge and they shout to me every now and again but hopefuly i can keep them there until easter. why cant they make a 1cal wine like they can coke :)


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I really love wine, but a couple of glasses is not enough for me!
I drink every day... I find it a relaxant at the end of the day, but now, instead of wine, I have my fav spirit (brandy) with diet coke in a pint glass. That's only 2.5 syns for a 25ml tot, so I can have quite a few, if I wish!
Wine, I now only drink seldom and really enjoy it when I do!
i love wine too, but since being on sw i've avoided it really, i can't justify 8.5syns on a large glass!
I have also struggled with drinking wine but in a good way i now think because i feel a bit more in control instead of opening the bottle and glugging it all down in the same evening.
It has also helped keeping the shopping bill down as i don't buy as many bottles now BUT because i don't drink as much i prefer to have a decent wine intead of the cheap stuff.
If i've gotta sip it and savour it, it might as well be a good un!
The weekends are the hardest especially if it's sunny LOL
I love my wine too but have now restricted it to weekends and try nd have it with soda in a large wine glass (the psychological thing!!) Certainly helping the hangover situation, lol

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