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wish i had stayed off scales

I am on my 5th week now and up until now have not been obsessed with the scales. 3 days from weigh in and the scales have not moved so ive went all fed up now. I am going to put them in the loft now. was a bit put off this morning but sticking with it. You just want the scales to move due to calorie intake but i do understand that our bodies need to catch up.
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Aw that sucks, it will go down though.

I am bad and go on my scales twice a day. I admire anyone who can put their scales away because I can't!
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Know that feeling hun. I'm a scale addict but I manage not to let it get to me too much if not moving, almost makes me more determined to stick at it and see the numbers change! They've tricked me a few times when i thought i'd not moved then at WI have had a reasonable loss, so you never know. Keep going, it will keep coming off...Have you drunk enough water? xx
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Get lots and lots of water down and you will see movement on WI day. Are you pre-menstrual ( i am assuming you are female) that can make you slower. Good Luck hon xx


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I'm also addicted to the scales - that will be my next challenge - at the moment im trying desperately to stick to no nibbling and no cheating so one challenge at a time!!

*butterfly* - you've done really really well! I've got similar stats to you - hope i do as well as you!
thanks everyone. Will concentrate on water. feel like im drinking it all the time but will go back to measuring again. I could be retaining water as tom might be due. water, water and more


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Hey hon
Just wanted to say do not get disheartned..
I have been doing cd for over 7 months now and I was a scaleaholic (if thats such a word)lol....
My scales always used to play tricks on me and would never move until the day before weigh in..
Keep glugging your water and stick with it as it will come off..... and if its not this week it will be the next week..
Always look at the bigger picture... If for any reason you have a smaller loss this week you are likely to have a bigger loss the week after.
Hang in there your doing fab x

Big H

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S: 23st11lb C: 19st1lb G: 15st0lb BMI: 37.2 Loss: 4st10lb(19.82%)
It's really hard to not get on the scales, but you have to think, what's the point of weighing yourself everyday or twice a day - there are lots of factors that can affect the reading, but the least likely (and the only one that matters) is fat loss. That is not going to change hourly, so why torture yourself. Once a week for me and no more.

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