Wish me luck, 1st meeting with CDC 2moro!

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  1. JAYJAY33

    JAYJAY33 Full Member

    Hi everyone, new on here so thought i would say hello. Have my frist meeting tomorrow with my CDC aiming to start on saturday. Bit worried as have an overnight trip to alton towers with hubby and family a week on monday with breakfast included. Not sure how i will survive at all with everyone eating meals in restaurants around me. What do people do for their meals? Do u take those tetra packs and do they need to be stored in a fridge as i wont have access to one? I have a total of 4 stone at the most to lose and am holidaying in Madeira end of august so aiming to lose as much as possible by then. Bit nervous about starting the diet i have to say!
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  3. WannaBeSlim

    WannaBeSlim Full Member

    Good Luck Kate and welcome to Cambridge Diet. It's a fab diet and you'll do really well if you stick to it!

    Tetras do not have to be kept in the fridge .. meals are a bit tough initially but you've got to be tough and decide do you want to lose the weight once and for all - you can have meals when you're done!! OR do you want to eat in your first fortnight? Simple answer, you want to lose the weight ..... don't you??

    You could also bring soups with you and have it in a bowl when the others are eating dinner so you look like you are joining in .. is that an option?

  4. JAYJAY33

    JAYJAY33 Full Member

    Thanks, ill probably stick with the tetras, was just worried they would taste awful if needed to be kept cold lol. Have been amazed by some of the weight losses on here!
  5. spooky

    spooky Banned

    Its an amazing journey, stick with it though!!
    Well done on making the first step, its only thinner from here!!!!:D
  6. JAYJAY33

    JAYJAY33 Full Member

    Well just to update. Completed my first day and half way thru second day. Feeling ok so far, felt quite bad yesterday with headaches and shakes, that was around 7pm as was out with family so could not have my shake as planned on time. JUst been thinking, how do people cope in work, do u just mix the shakes by hand? I have been using a hand blender to mix them as im off work but what does everyone do when in work? Will they be all lumpy if u dont blend them properly?
    On another note my CDC said i could have the flavourings for the water which i bought so used that all day yesterday and then read this morning in the book u are not meant to have flavouring until 2 weeks are up??! Any help on this one please?
  7. stacey

    stacey i love minimins me :)

    hey hun

    nice to meet u :)

    for work could u take a tetra? most pple fnd them lumpy if just hand mixed :( which isnt nice

    rule is no water flavourings till week 2, but i have had mine since day 1 and got straight into ketosis no problem, some pple r a bit more sensitive but i cant drink all the water without the flavourings

    we have a thread going for the june challang if u would like to join? i total up everyones weekly losses and see how well we can do as a group, there are 30 of us atm doing the challenge, aimin for 8 pints of water a day and 15 mins of gentle exercise

    ooo and good luck
  8. JAYJAY33

    JAYJAY33 Full Member

    That sounds great to me, ill join if i can! 8 pints of water??! i thought we had to drink only 4 pints??! Oh hell lol! Maybe i shud have bought the tetras, damn it lol! Oh well ill have to see if she will swop some. What info do u need for me to join the june challenge? Just replied to ur thread at the same time u posted on mine!
  9. munchkin

    munchkin Full Member

    Hi Everyone,

    I'm a newbie here and to CD. This is day two and i'm struggling already. I have the shakes permanently and feel like I'm gonna pass out - what do you guys do to combat that? I have full admiration for JayJay getting to a theme park - where did you get the energy from? I've spent the last day and half laying on the sofa trying to conserve energy!!!! Hoping this passes soon!!!

    I've been drinking loads of water :tear_drop:- managed 10 pints yesterday and on course for the same again today. Would love to join the water challenge Stacey.

    Good luck for your weigh in!!
  10. stacey

    stacey i love minimins me :)

    i will add ya both to the list, u jus need to post on thejune thread ya weight loss on the fri if possible, and through the week jus post anything ya like :D

    we need minimum 4 pints- challenge is to aim for 8, dont worry u dont need to drink all 8 tho

    ur cdc should be able to swap any packs for u :)


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