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wish me luck


i love minimins me :)
i am going to walk to the swimming baths again today and i am going swimming on my own:eek: i am terrified

the thought of gettin in the pool on my own is horrendos, everyone is going to see all my flab and everything and i dont have anyone to share my embarrasement with, the i haveto get back out n hope no one shouts 'full moon' hhahaah

am scared but no one else will come with me

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Dont look at anyone else....I know what you mean, the getting to the pool and out again is definately the hardest.


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Well done for being brave, that's fantastic :)

People can be rude in any number of circumstances, staring at anyone that doesn't conform. I get bad excema on my legs and if I had a pound for all the ' eeurgh what's that?' comments i'd be rich !!

You're really pretty with nothing to be ashamed about at all .. focus on the pool, blinkers on and go for it :)

Good luck !


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Just do what you feel is right and dont worry about others....they are always gonna be there to put you off things...

All the best


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I always used to carry my towel in with me and then put it in the locker at the very front so it was the first thing I grabbed when I got out of the pool to walk back to the changing room. Our lockers are right beside the pool so that was very handy :) If the lockers aren't very close to the actual pool, maybe you could so the same but put your towel on a bench/seat nearby. That way you don't have to feel self-conscious all the way from the pool to the changing area.

I don't do it anymore...I think 'to hell with it' now. If people don't like to look at my wobbly bum then they can look away. lol. I've spent years feeling very self-conscious and i've had enough of hiding away. Everyone else's legs etc are on show in the swimming pool, so now, so are mine! :)

Enjoy your walk and your swimming session :)
hey stacey... you'll be fine, just think about all the good the swimming is doing you and concentrate on how good your going to look in a few weeks. Swimming is one of the best forms of exercise you can do to tone up those wobblerly bits!!

Good Luck.


i love minimins me :)

i did it!!!! i walked all the way there, then did 50 lengths, i was soooo nervous about going in but i jus pretended i cudnt see anyone, gettin out was worse i waited for ages until there was no one near the ladders hahhahaha

am sooooo proud of myself n feel so much happier n positve that i didnt have to rely on anyone else to go with

thanks for all ya comments



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Well done Stacey!! x

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