Wish me luck!! :)


Loving CD SS!


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Ooooh good luck (though sure you won't need it!) :D


Loving CD SS!
:26: I've lost 7lbs!!!!!! (and that's official too! lol)

I seem to be about 3lbs heavier in the evenings and/or on her scales, but it's worked out to be the same change on hers as on mine so that's the main thing eh?

It has been a great week - slipped into CD fairly comfortably, and have been taking it a step at a time (even managed through a bit of an emotional blow earlier this week withough giving into old bad habits)...and I wondered if it was working for me.

Clearly it has! I'm so chuffed!!

Off to update my ticker now folks! lol!

Thanks for all your support everyone :)



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Fantastic hun, really thrilled for you!!



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Congrats hun!! A great loss, and well done for getting through a tough week without the food! :D xx


Loving CD SS!
Heehee! Now I feel like a proper CD-er!

Shucks, I feel like I've earned my entry into the club! lol

Bring on Week 2....and then ooooooh! Week 3 - avec bars!!! (yes, I'm looking forward chewing those chocolaty bars!) lol

Thanks everyone :)

Ain't this grand!?! (can you tell I'm on a high? lol)



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Smiley cat I know how that feels. Well done you!!
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Well done! I bet you are really chuffed! and you should be!

Just the boost you need to keep going!


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S: 17st7lb C: 11st6lb G: 9st0lb BMI: 29.6 Loss: 6st1lb(34.69%)
Well done Smiley, that's a great start :clap:


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Well done! Week 2 will fly by now you have got that first week weigh-in high!