With 240lbs 2 lose can i join your crew pls !!


Minimins gal x
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Emmie Lou

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Hi Roch
Nice to 'see' you on here! :)
When are you starting? I start on Sat, cant wait and dreading it too!


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Hi all, i woulkd luv 2 join your crew i have 240lbs to lose and a long journey ahead of me phyicially and emotionally but i am feeling posiitve and i am looking forward to achieveing mini goals phyisically and emotionally along my journey.

Hellloooo Roch!! Welcome to the mighty losers crew!! Congrats on the 15lb loss so far honey!! It may be a long and windy road, but there will always be someone here to help you along the way!! :D

Tatty xx


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Hi Roch, what plan are you going to choose? CD, SW, WW?
Know you had problems with sugar levels and things before.
Its good to hear you sounding positive.


Minimins gal x
S: 27st2lb C: 25st2lb G: 10st0lb Loss: 2st0lb(7.37%)
Morning, thanks for the welcome !!
Diet wise i am kind of in linbo for the moment as i was on the 1200 cd and was doing ok,was not too happy with it as i wanted to Ss on but plodded along.
On the 11th jan i have a long awaited app with the Endocrinologist and i have quite a few tests to be done so untill i see her i am just doing a normal 1000/1200 cals.
I am hoping after i see the doc she will advise me to the best plan i should follow if it is ssing on cd or lipotrim or any other diet which will best suit my medical needs, so fingeras crossed !!


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Hi Roch,

Nice to see you back and at it!

I do hope 2007 is your year.:)

Love Mini xxx