with cd please can someone explain.....

Hi Louisa,

With SS you do this for 4 weeks then one week with AAM then back to 4 weeks until you get to a stone within goal weight.

Other stages minimimum of 1 week at each stage, however the longer the better.

just out of interest why do people say you have to do add a meal? as people on lighterlife do 100 days without food so whats the differance?
Doing LL I hvae to get my blod pressure checked every 4 weeks and a form completed to show that I am fit enough to continue ssing :)
I always bang on about this as I consider it very important. I copy below some Q&A's in information about Add a meal week.

I would always recommend it.


Can I forego the fifth add-a-meal week and continue uninterrupted on the Sole Source programme until I reach target weight?

The advice that no-one should use the Cambridge Diet as Sole Source of nutrition for longer than four weeks is to comply with the recommendations in the 1987 DHSS report by the Committee on the Medical Aspects of Food Policy (COMA) entitled "The Use of Very Low Calorie Diets in Obesity".

"As the Sole Source of nourishment, the use of VLCD should not exceed the period recommended by the manufacturers (up to 3 to 4 weeks at a time) without reverting to a normal mixture of foods". The above recommendation from COMA was not based on any research. Anyone who wants to forego the add-a-meal week can only do so providing their doctor gives written consent.

CDC's are not allowed to let any client miss AAM unless they have the written consent of the client's own GP. A letter from a Private Doctor or MRF signed by a Private Doctor does not count.

I have been taking the Cambridge Diet as my Sole Source of nutrition for four weeks. What should I eat in the fifth "add-a-meal" week?

Continue to have three Cambridge Diet meals a day and add a daily "green and white" meal (around 400 Calories). "Green" means a portion of leafy greens and vegetables. "White" could be portion of skinless lean chicken breast, grilled fish or cottage cheese. See the Maintain with Cambridge Book for lists of acceptable foods with portion sizes.
Nicely put Linda.......

AAM is vital in your long term weight maintenance as it teaches you about healthy eating and portion control as you go through your weight loss journey. Those who are most successful are those that do AAM as they do not have the fear or panic that those that don't do it have when they return to traditional meals.

Just remember that AAM is there for your long term benefit - sorry to bang on about it but I cannot stress enough how important and necessary it is!

I agree maybe one size doesn't fit all, but as CDC's we have to follow our Code of Conduct and the guidance contained within.