Withdrawals and pain


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I started to diet on Weds after realising I had hit morbid obesity.

Yesterday I had really a bad crushing pain in my heart and was struggling for breath, has anyone experienced this after starting a diet?

I am hoping it is just my body getting used to the low fat diet.

My grandparents and my dad all had heart disease at a young age, my dads in hospital now at aged 49 after a massive heart attack that has given him perminant damage, I also have a heart murmer and get palpatations a lot.
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Personally as you suffer from heart palpitations I would consult your GP and just tell them your plans for weight loss so they can keep an extra eye on you.

I havn't suffered from what youv'e described before, no xx


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Cant say Ive had that before - I would check with your GP before carrying on just to be on the safe side X


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Although many people suffer withdrawals when starting a diet (especially if they are cutting out sugary foods cold turkey), they tend to suffer from headaches, lethargy, short temper, and sometimes the shakes. I haven’t heard of sharp pain in the heart happening as part of withdrawals before.

Given your family’s medical history, and as you’ve said that you fall into a high risk weight category, I would definitely consult your GP before you go any further. Many diets simply may not be healthy for you. Someone in your position is likely to be referred to a dietician and be prescribed a tailored eating plan by a dietician or other specialist.


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yup doctor. however if you experience it again, i would go to A&E. It may be nothing serious, but they can give you an ECG, which the doctor would have to refer you for.


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Straight to your doctor for a thorough check up! :) and I was just wondering what plan your following? The slimming groups are good as the counsellor/meeting woman will be monitoring your food diary etc just to make sure your on track. If it's not physical and your diet plan is healthy then it could be an emotional thing? I found myself getting really panicked a few times at the scale of what I needed (an still need lol) to do? Panic/anxiety attacks do feel a lot like your having a heart attack!!!


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I am doing weight watchers, I have no anxiety or anything, I am really looking forward to the challenge. The last two days have been really easy, the hard bit is the weekends for me, we like going out for food and takeaways etc coupled with plenty of wine!


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S: 20st4lb C: 19st3lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 38.6 Loss: 1st1lb(5.28%)
Time will tell :D:D