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Wk 29 WI-have had enough!!!


Loving LT!!!
I'm bored, lost 4 lbs this week but wasn't even that pleased, (how spoilt) I think I have had enough of this now, 5 months is a very long time to be on LT, I have had so many real bad hunger pangs this week, I wonder if it's my bodys way of saying enough is enough, anyone else had that after a long time? My birthday is 3rd week in August and I will NOT be on it then I have def decided so a month tops and thats it!!!! But then again, ask me in 4 weeks, he he.
T x
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omg... you have done so incredibly well for so long - I think you have every right to be just a little bored with the menu choice- but you have remained so positive throughout - I would think that as you get nearer to your birthday you will need to re-feed anyway and potentially be at your target - I'm sure those who have remained on it long term and succeeded will be able to help you with the psychological side of things - whatever you do i'm sure it will be the right decision for you - after all we know ourselves better than anyone (even our mothers !!!)


Loving LT!!!
OOPS, meant week 20 wi!!!
T x


Says it as it is!!!
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Gaz... You'e needed!!
Well, hun... you are mrs amazing!!! Amazing loss..amazingly consistant huge losses!! and will and determination
19lbs over 4 weeks 4.5lbs a week... you can do that piece of PI5S!!!
YOU WILL be at your target by your birthday and you deserve it!!
And you know if you change your mind afterwards...asmost of us do .. you know you can have a few weeks... months off and do another stint..nooo where near as long!
But if not woo hooo for you freedom!!!


Loving LT!!!
Aww gee thanks nic, i miss food now:( I want it back, promise to eat well, can't put any weight back on, all my fat clothes have gone, long gone, on e-bay in fact!!! another addict, btw I sold a manky pink broke mobile for £39, was honest about it, there all nutters I swear! Hows the CD going?
T x


Says it as it is!!!
C: 8st11lb G: 8st11lb
You deserve it hun!!!
Yeah, you must now...do you think it will feel strange after not thinking about food for sooooo long? I love cooking but, not yet at the point where i really really it want to eat it...not yet! lol

Going well hunni... WI tomorrow...hopefully i would have lost a decent amount this time... thing i am going to decrease the exercise and see if that works ..if i have a poo WI this week ..we'll see
Suppose to add a meal next week...but, i am just going to say i have shhh!
Yup...loadsa nutter...i dropped it in the bath and half of the button don't work??? I am doing clothes as we speak! never again shall i be wearing them
Best way...if you havent got em you can sneak your way back up, can you?


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you deserve to start enjoying food if that's where your head is. your now in a place to appreciate healthy food and make the right choices. good look whatever you decide to do
wow wow wow look at all the weight you have lost. congratulations hun your before and after pics are fab you look so much younger. well done you must have have some serious willpower :) xx
Well done on a fabulous achievement. I feel like you too, I have been on LT for nearly as long and im getting v fed up now. I am about 14 and a half now, and I know I have about 4 st left to lose but mentally i need to break from LT for the moment I think. I totally understand where youre coming from. I have lost about 7 st. Best of luck whatever u decide.

On a personal note, did you have a loose skin problem?


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you have done sooooooo well and your so close to the end x
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Wow, you have done amazingly well. I'm with Nic, I reckon your target is doable by your birthday and then you will be free to enjoy it (healthily of course!)

Well done hun, you are doing amazingly well and inspire me to hang in there. I want to be at target by my birthday but may not make it till OH's birthday (about 3 weeks later!) I don't mind still being on LT on my birthday if I'm that close.

You are a star!



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Babe, you look amazing, and whatever you do I really hope it works for you because with the amount you have lost and the way you look you are an inspiration x


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I think if anyone has the right to be bored, its you. 20 weeks on this diet is a fantastic achievement...and to lose over 8 and a half stone is amazing.

You are a fantastic inspiration for others. You are nearly there now hun. Just a few more weeks and you'll be at target. Good luck hun.


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Hi Monsoon
Well done on ur loss this week. U must look and feel great now. Only u know when its ok to stop. Listen to urself and body. Good luck with whatever u decide.


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Well done with your weight lose Monsoon. You must feel fantastic. You are so close to your target now, so do what you feel is right for you. :clap:

rainbow brite

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You truly are an inspiration to many on here. Your willpower and strength of mind is phenomenal and you fully deserve to enjoy your next birthday to the absolute fullest. Do what you think is best for you, nobody else, and I wish you the very best of luck with whatever decision that turn out to be x
Well done on another great loss pet thats great news.
Believe me I know exactly what your saying regards the "boredom" comment. I reckon a VLCD diet is extremely boring, especially LT more so purely because of the limited choice we have. As you know I did LT for a while the refeed for 3 weeks which I must say I thoroughly enjoyed and now I am doing full on LT just for this week to get into the 11's?
Whilst I regretted coming off LT I enjoyed the experience of eating normal foods and it did ease the boredom considerably.
Personally I DON'T think it would bother you in the slightest if you gave your LT regime a rest and stuck to the refeed programme for a length of time, then if YOU want to come back on board, you have proven beyond any doubt you can hack the strictness of LT.
So whatever choice you make I for one will be right behind you as it will be the right choice for YOU! ;) xx


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Hi, just wanted to say a big congrats on your weight loss, almost 9st in such a short space of time is fantastic! :)


a new way of living!
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you are so close to finishing now, and can lose that last 19lbs before b'day. you can still lose on maintenance, so maybe stick it out till week before b'day then refeed and maintain for a few weeks to drop last couple of pounds. if you need to lose any by then! you have done so well.

I woke up craving ---- wont even mention what i was craving so as not to tempt you! which is why i am posting at 5.45am! came on here for morale support and distraction and saw your amazing success.

dont just stick it out for you, do it for me too! the more we all stick it out, the more we all support and encourage each other.

thanks for doing so well so far, keeps me going anyway

Hey Monsoon

Just wanted to say that you truly are my inspiration .. looking at your ticker we have roughly the same amount to lose but im just at the start of my journey, and your close to the end of yours, to lose such a large amount of weight in such a short space of time is amazing and you truly are a superstar!! I can understand getting bored of LT after so long on it and also the fear of what will happen when you start to eat again but if your good eat healthy and refeed properly you should do great! only you can know whats best for you and what feels right I wish you the best of luck and hope everything goes ok for you.
On another note when i get peed off with this diet im going to look back at your posts because seriously you have done amazingly well and I can use your sucess as my motivator