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WK 4 weigh in


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S: 14st5lb C: 12st2lb G: 10st4lb BMI: 29.2 Loss: 2st3lb(15.42%)
Sorry I haven't been on the forum this week - been really busy at work. Managed to avoid food at all the meetings and seminars though - I put sandwiches on my plate and my colleague (slim gent) kindly ate them and put the crusts back so it looked 'normal' Ha ha

Anyway - week 4 weigh in today (a couple of days late) and have lost 4lbs which I am absolutely ecstatic about. The chemist woman (fatter than me) didn't think it was great and asked me was I drinking enough water?!!???!!! What encouragement!! Can't wait til my normal lady back from her hols!!

Anyway, will spend time reading the firum tonight. Conscious I need to catch up and give some support back to you all. Laters. mwah!
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Well done on your 4lbs. Brilliant.


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Jayz- my chemist would be thrilled if I was managing 4lbs a week! I'm bad for their success rate at the minute! LOL!
Well done!!
S: 19st4lb C: 13st13lb G: 14st0lb BMI: 24.4 Loss: 5st5lb(27.78%)
congrats on the loss doin well
S: 16st5lb C: 15st0lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 36 Loss: 1st5lb(8.3%)
Hi Andsome

Fat chemist lady needs a slap :copon: 4lbs is darn fan-dam-tastic!!
I have also been away from forum this week as well...also busy, but back this evening to give support.
There has been some fantastic weight losses you ALL. Well done ;)


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S: 12st9lb C: 10st11lb G: 9st7lb BMI: 25.9 Loss: 1st12lb(14.69%)
you are doing really well. its easy to do LT discretely at home but in company there always seems to be some nosey ill informed g*t who takes great pleasure in giving you a lecture. keep up the good work and dont let that chemist lady bug you - after all you are thinner than she is ....... btw do chemists get marked on how well their clients are doing?


maintaining since June'09
S: 15st9.5lb C: 10st13.6lb G: 10st7lb BMI: 24.8 Loss: 4st9.9lb(30.02%)
Well done Andrea fantastic result!!
Could you SMELL the sour grapes from the woman in the chemist's? Lol! x

Jayz- my chemist would be thrilled if I was managing 4lbs a week! I'm bad for their success rate at the minute! LOL!
Well done!!
You really do have to stop putting yourself down like this you know! I've said it elsewhere just now - there's absolutley nothing wrong with your results - how come you're the ony one who thinks there is? Who's always tried to tell you you weren't good enough? You are doing brilliantly!! :)


Life is not a Rehersal!
S: 14st4lb C: 11st6lb G: 10st7lb BMI: 28.3 Loss: 2st12lb(20%)
Well done on your weight loss.
The pharmacist is probably jelous you have lost so much in a week!
Some of these pharmacists are just plain ill informed and rude; amazes me that they want to work with the public in the first place:)
Hope you have a good Week.
S: 14st5lb C: 10st11lb G: 11st5lb BMI: 27.6 Loss: 3st8lb(24.88%)
Grrrrr!!! :mad: How very dare she!!!!! Bet she's just secretly jealous that she hasn't got the amazing discipline to do LT....you just go in there each week and beam with delight every time the scales go lower....and lower...if all else fails, give her a cheeky :Na_Na_Na_Na:!!!


Positivity is the key
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just wanted to say congrats on the weight loss, you are right to be thrilled and as they say f**k the begrudgers. Thanks also for your post on my thread weigh in, you're very motivating, thanks.
Hope the week goes well for you and well done for resisting the sarnies at the seminar.

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