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wk 5 weigh in

wow well done...

let me in on your secret mine seem to have slowed down.!
What a great loss. I had my week 4 weigh in today & lost just 2lbs:sigh:. I know you are "doing your own thing" but what are you eating exactly?
im doing the 70s version of atkins induction so im having meat, fish, eggs and cheese, with no more than 20grms of carb a day which i use for milk cos i cant do with out my tea lol, the only thing i dont do is cook with fat or leave the fat on my meat cos i dont like it, so today im having
egg white omlette for breakfast,
tuna mayo for lunch and chicken wraped in bacon for dinner,
if i want a snack i have pork scratchings much to my daughters disgust lol plus my water
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Bring on the trumpets
Wow......that's fantastic :happy096:

I have reduced my carbs further and upped my fat intake (olive oil and home made mayo :D)....I am still doing shakes with 11g carb....but my carb intake is now roughly between 40-50g a day. I am going to do 100% this week and see what happens.

But well done Sharon xx
i dint realise how much carb was in the shakes till i read the back of the pk and one shake is more than my total carb intake for the day on atkins


Bring on the trumpets
Lol...there are 18 in the CS ones!!.....it soon adds up. I am thinking about Atkins or the Idiot Proof Diet.....when i come off the shakes......might come off sooner looking at your results :)
if you dont mind can you do a list of what you can and cant really eat.

sorry to be annoying but this seems like a good idea and looks like good results :)
Yeah I don't know if CS is working for me. 2nd week on it and I have vomited for 3 days in a row. Do you think that it could be CS? Had to get sickness tablets from the doctor.
Acceptable Foods List

see if you can get on the acseptable food list from that if not ill copy it down for you , its more or less any meat, fish,eggs and some cheese, you can have cream but your not ment to have milk and you can have veg to make up your 20gm of carb but i have milk instead of veg cant do with out my tea,
i think its just a bug....clare was ill a few weeks ago.

it sucks that you are ill just keep up the fluids and get well soon!
Hi guys newbie here so a few questions if you dont mind! Firstly with the list you posted there, would that be foods I could eat for my main meal? If so is it really ok to have cheese and mayo? Those are things I am so used to avoiding on a diet! Any advice greatfully received :)
hi yes you can have things from the list as a main meal, you can have cheese but not lots and the mayo should be reguler not the diet one, as long as its low carb you can have it
Thanks Sharon :)

Lots to get my head round at the mo about what i can and cant have. Lovin that i can have mayo tho!
lol i love mayo i have it on every thing
6lb of this wk very happy with that :):D:)

Sharon Kim - Well done babes x:)

You've definately found the diet that's right of you and you're doing fantastically well on it!

I'm off to Lighter Life tonight (yikes!), I've had 7 months off and regained a stone in weight (boooo!), still, 3 stone lighter than last year. I'm going back to Foundation Class and hope to lose this last 2 1/2 - 3 stone in 10 weeks, it'll be hard in abstenience but it'll be worth it come the end of June and all the weights gone, then off to route to management for a month or so to set me off on the right track..........fingers crossed!

I enjoyed CS whilst I did it early in the year and stuck to it, but I guess I've hankered back to LL as I know it works for me and it's nice in a way to have a total break from food, go to a class for a couple of hours once a week (which I miss) and shift the weight quickly (I'm so impatient!).

Best wishes in your journey - you can do it! xx
thanks chic, god just think another two months and you will be thin , your like me i want it gone today lol, i do find it better when i can only chose from a limited range of foods so i tend to stick to the same things all the time but at last its working, i did enjoy the shakes at first and i think if you just had them and no food it would have been better for me and i think you have to be in the right frame of mind to do it my prob is the first time i dont lose thats it im done lol
good luck with the ll and keep coming on here to let me know how your going xx

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