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wk 9 weigh in


I *will* be skinny again!
I've had my 9th week weigh in today and lost only 1 pound! :confused:

The only thing I can think of is that I fell asleep as soon as I got home on friday & didn't manage to have all my shakes for the day?? I dunno. I'm just hoping for a big loss next week! I'm still staying positive though :)

Plus I've managed to finally drop 3 stones all together now :D xx
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hi wow 3 stone in just over 2 months brillant, dunno bout the 1lb loss had u enough water or maybe totm? u at this longer than me so u prob kno :( but 3 stone is fantastic!
Hi Killercurls you have done brilliantly with a 3 stone loss. I had a couple of weeks when I only lost 1lb, which confused me too, but think possibly TOM was to blame on one occasion and the second time just seemed to be a blip. I did notice though the following weeks I had good losses. So just keep going and look forward to next weeks way in. Keep positive you can do it. xx


Live for today!
You've lost an amazing amount already! I can understand your disappointment tho cos I've had the same this week. I think its easier to keep motivated on Lipotrim when you have big losses but if you don't it feels like you're going without for nothing:confused: Anyway, hopefully we'll both have good losses next week.........


I will be skinny again!!!
Well done Laura!!

a loss is a loss :)

how are you my midget gem? xxx
As Chelly says,a loss is a loss - it's a step in the right direction. And rest assured you will lose more :) you're looking at the big picture too with your total loss and i think that shows you know it will be better next week :)


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Yep same as everyone a loss is a loss and there will be weeks like this, they are usually followed by a big loss the week after, dont get disheartened chick

brummie lad

loves he's killercurls :)
A loss is a loss, just think of the big loss you will have next week babe xxx
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Hi Laura

A small chicken!!!!! :) :)
I am afraid to repeat what the others said,,,a loss is a loss..better off than on! You have done incredibly well and sure you will make up for it next week.

Who can tell why we lose a small amount one week; lots of factors, and like I have said before. Your body doesnt really know you are getting weighed that day...for all you know, the other 2 or 3 lbs could show the next day!! You just never know.

Good that you are keeping positive and looking at the complete picture.

Have a great week!!!


Positivity is the key
congrats on the weight loss and reaching your 3 stone marker, that's a fantastic achievement. Wishing you all the best for the coming week.
3 stone is 3 stone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! How fantastic are you? 3 STONE yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I *will* be skinny again!
Thanx for all your support guys! I know it is still a loss was just a bit peeved at first....but at least it's 3 stone down! :D So that cheered me up a bit! :) Hoping for a bigger weight loss next week. :cross:

On the other plus side....I can now officially fit into size 12 & 14 trousers depending on what shop I go to! Yay! :bliss:

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