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WK11 Weigh-in Why did I do it???

Ok guys and dolls here goes.....

Wk11 weigh in and GAINED 2lbs..... I don't know why I did it but hey ho I am human (really I am!) :cry:

My daughter is doing cookery at school and she made some chicken and honey pasta wraps, she got the highest score in the class and was on a great high when I got in from work. She begged me to try one :p (she was so chuffed and after the way things have been between us - her being grounded for 8wks for truanting - I guess I wanted to give her some support) I had one, and it was beautiful!!! ;) why didn't I just have a bite?:sigh: but the day BEFORE my WI - WTF was I thinking... :(

Anyway I am now paying the price for my lapse!!! but I haven't told my daughter she would be gutted and only blame herself which of course I dont - I could have said no, make me some when I have got to goal :)

Anyway back on it now and glugging the water yum yum..... here's to next weeks WI lets hope I lose the 2lbs and more :rolleyes: I am so angry with myself but I have learnt a valuable lesson :eek:
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Ah hun don't be feeling bad,
I had my slip just after losing 12bls first weigh in!! Now why on earth I don't know BUT it has made me alot stronger!
There are so few people able to do this diet at all, so us on here have serious self decipline despite how bad we feel at times!


soon to be minnie mouse
don't beat yourself up over it. getting back your mother/daughter relationship is more important. next week you'll have lost the 2lb and more. good luck


I will be skinny again!!!
Sorry to hear this Nik!

Good luck getting back into the swing of things chick xxx
never mind

best of luck for next week x


Positivity is the key
Hi Nikita,
sorry about the gain but at least you know why and by the sounds of it it will be the last gain whilst on this. Congrats to your daughter, I am glad she had a positive tale to tell from school, that alone is worth celebrating. Maybe post the recipe on here some time as I am intrigued to know how she made them, purely research of course, my boys like chicken, honey, and pasta so it may be something they would go for.
You will get that 2lb off and more next week, just stick to it 100 %. Best of luck.
Thank you everyone for your kind words. I have definitely learnt my lesson and will not stop this 100% until I am at goal.


A little of everything!
Aww...I had a gain a few weeks back and had NO reason for it at all?!? But the next week it was off again so don't panic. You had a huge loss the week before so if you balance it out over a few weeks you'll be grand.
You can do it!!
I wanted to echo Doirin really, it's great that your daughter had a good experience at school - and that you two were able to share something a bit different.

It will be great when you're at goal and you two could make a regular thing of cooking together maybe!

Sounds like you're back on track so go for it and you'll most likely take off more than your 2lb next week :)


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The reasons why you had the wrap, are just as important. Was not out of greed or want, it was support for your daughter. 2 lbs gain was life really. But best of luck with your week this week. I'm sure the 2 lbs will fly off and more too.

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