Woah!! Head messed up!!!!


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Hi everyone, had weird experience last night - husband asked me not to lose any more weight!!! (still have 3st to go) as he is worried about bagginess:rolleyes: , mother n law described me as slimmer than everyone else (sister n laws - there are a lot of us)!!!!!!!:D feel slightly shell shocked today - certainly can't see that I'm smaller than my sister n laws but was pretty chuffed none the less. As for hubby, he's gonna have to start saving for a boob job (me not him !)!!!!
Wow, that would be a major headf*ck!!!! :eek: At least your DH is talking to you about how he feels - that is always a good sign!! And think of it this way, the money you are spending on packs can be saved up to pay for surgery when you get to goal!! :cool: